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27 Jun

Well I done it me and three friends are going to learn to pole dance. Kinda worried now looking at it, it looks really hard and I’m kinda thinking I don’t have the upper body strength for it.

Still waiting for the editing to be finished on my Book so they can actually get it in the publishing stages soon, will be getting on to them tomorrow if I haven’t heard anything by then.  i was hoping for it to be all done a dusted by now and on the way to the printer I’m just so impatient.

on another note on the job hunt for a nine to fiver. taking the semester off of uni to earn some monies and buy a new car hopefully, or maybe start to rent my own place but I’m not to hopeful. depending on how the job hunt goes well have to see.

only a short one tonight have to get up at five in the morning which is only about five and a half hours away so i really need to turn in.


Fun Bus

24 Jun

So I went on the Fun Bus for the first time Friday night. The Fun Bus or Party Bus is, like the name suggests, a bus that you can hire for parties. It drives around to four different bars, each in which you spend like an hour, then back on the bus to the next one. A plus side even though bars aren’t always the most exciting places, especially on a Friday night in Tassie! But at each one of the bars you got a free drink, which is never a bad thing. The bus it’s self is amazing fun! There are three dance (as the bus driver called them) poles; and by dance I of course mean stripper poles. I was kinda disappointed that the pole didn’t come with a hunky man ready to slip down to his socks but I guess we can’t have the best of all worlds. The music was good and if you have every tried to dance on a moving bus, having poles for balance is an excellent idea, not to mention just plain fun!

It actually inspired me and my friend to take pole dancing lessons, which sadly isn’t as sexy as it might sound. It’s a fitness course that uses pole dancing. Seeing it is really hard, and judging by how every muscle in my entire body was killing me when I woke up Saturday morning, it’s a hell of I work out! And it just sounds a hell of a lot more awesome than going to the gym. “Sorry guys I, have to go pole dancing tonight :(” See hours of conversation there. Not sure if it’ll all be good but hey you only live once, why not learn how to pole dance 😛

Well here we are

17 Jun

Ok well this is my first post on my new Blog so i thought i would use it to introduce myself.

Firstly a little about me, I am a new author, my book is currently in the editing stages and hopefully will be out on the shelves by the end of the year.  Secondly despite that fact I’m a writer, I have terrible grammar and equally as bad editing skills. I do have another blog of the same name on Blogger which is at  so check it out to see my early posts.  I am university student at the moment and also work as a service supervisor at a supermarket. (I’m basically a glorified check out chick). I have three amazing dogs Titan, Woof and Maggie. As seen below, aren’t they gorgeous!

My amazing Dogs!

Titan, Maggie and Woof

Personalty wise I’m pretty down to earth and  have more than once been accused of being insane. I haven’t quite got the hang of this site yet but I’m sure I’ll pick it up, so if there are any readers out there in cyber-land, stay tuned because I’ll keep you all updated on the new book maybe post the first chapter and the cover when it’s released, also there will be a lot of rambling because trust me it’s what I do best.