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Well a lot happened

4 Nov

Ok well since I last blogged so much has happened, really way too much to get into, so I’ll just pick a few.

Um firstly the job hunts, not going all that great. Turns out once you work in retail it’s really hard to jump into another profession. But of course I’m anything if not persistent so I’m not giving up just yet. I know I still have to finish my degree, so looking for a full time job isn’t really practical, but seeing how I still haven’t worked out what I want to major in, I think a break is needed.

I have also decided to get my truck licence of all things. I have a normal car licence, have had it since I was sixteen but I now want my truck licence just because I can. Well I guess it wasn’t totally random decision on my part though. You see my dad’s a truck driver and we were either watching ice road truckers, or mega truckers the other night on TV. Something happened and the narrator said ‘only drivers with extreme skill could navigate the road.’ Me being the idiot I am stated, “ha, I could do that!” My father in returned of course rolled his eyes and started on about the skill it takes to drive a truck, and bla, bla, bla. Of course this turned into a full blown argument over me not having the driving skill to drive a truck. So me being the prideful person I am, I decided then and there to get my truck licence. When I stated that fact though my father laughed and told me to ‘come back and see him when I had it.’ like I said I’m a very prideful person so now I must get my truck licence, even if it is only to prove my father wrong and fix my hurt pride.

Now progress on the book and yes! There has finally been some. A week or so ago I received the edited version of my manuscript back from the editor for my approval. Truthfully I was very excited and started reading it right away. This was all fine, kinda disappointed to find some small mistakes still, and seeing how bad, my grammar and proof reading can be sometimes I was really surprised I picked them up. but I did, made a note of them and continued. This was of course until my laptop decided to crash, of course I had forgotten to save and was forced to start again. so now that’s back with them for the final proof read before that part is all done. I’m really glad about that, truth be told I’m sick of reading it. I swear I could say the entire thing allowed word for word from memory that’s how many times I have read the thing. I’m keen to see the cover the design team is creating for me. I have Photoshoped dozens of covers, in all the different way I can imagine (mainly because I’m impatient) and really can’t wait to see the real thing. Hopefully it blows me away.

This had turned out to be a rather long post so I’ll only give a belief mention to my poor Titan.

Recently he had been losing his fur, yep my poor baby’s going bald! If I’m going to be truthful it looks kind funny, seeing the worst patch is on his tail. So I had to take him to the vet. Luckily it was nothing major, and although the vet isn’t really sure they think it might be a skin injection, so Titan is on antibiotics for the next mouth and Shannon is two hundred and fifty dollars poorer. Oh dear it’s a good thing I love him!