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BC blurb!

20 Jan

Ok so I don’t know if I’m really allowed to post this or not, but today I received the back cover blurb for my book which will be out soon! I’m just waiting on the cover art now, then it’s all done!

So without further adieu, here it is…

Vampires, she can handle. Werewolves … No problem! Demons? Nothing a little holy water can’t fix. Damien and his hunting partner? Well that’s a whole other story!

Misty West knows the rules, and has been taught them her whole life. When given a chance to escape, she takes it, knowing better than anyone that her past won’t stay buried forever.

After years of a so-called normal life, Misty is confronted by the news that her brother, Damien, is missing and that it’s up to her to find him. With the aid of Xavier Connor, her brother’s tall, dark, and handsome hunting partner, Misty is thrown deep into the supernatural underworld, fighting vampires, other hunters, and her desire for Xavier, all the while discovering things about her family that even she finds hard to believe.

Outgoing Damien West is a hunter born and bred with a knack for killing things. Emotionally scarred after a bad break up, Damien lives a life of big guns, loose women, and hard liquor. Equipped with the knowledge of generations, an arsenal of weapons, and his beloved Mustang, he spends his life on the road helping those who need it.

When a hunt goes bad, Damien finds himself captured, tortured and injected with a virus that threatens to turn him into the very thing he hunts. He must find a cure and stop the bad guy before all hell breaks loose. See what happens when this trio goes Into the Night.


coming up next… a cover! (unless I get bored and decide to post before then :p)


First post for 2013! and a haunted house!

17 Jan

Well here it is my first post for 2013 and I must say the year is off to a good start.

A few things have happened since I last posted but I really can’t be bothered getting into to them at the moment. No, today I want to talk about my house. 

Why? you ask, well I’m gonna tell you.


My whole life I have believed that the house that I currently live in is haunted. Personally I have experienced thing that just can not be explained. Like the Fact that every night with out fail in the early hours of the morning something knocks on my door, the foot steps and growls I have heard in the hall, and the boy that once stopped me dead in my tracts, (One that I could see right through!) but for course despite the occasional fear and incredible evidence I have to back up my stories my family still thinks I’m crazy.

the most recent thing I experienced, scared me most and prompted me to write this, because, like I said My family thinks I’m crazy and just won’t listen to me any more. 

So here goes…

The other night, I got home from work about eight o’clock, earlier than I usually do, and checked my email, and eBay account, as I do most days, (seeing I’m addicted to online shopping :S). After this was all done I decided to have a shower before bed.

So there I was enjoying my shower when I felt a burning pain in my shoulder. At the time I had, had my eyes closed and was rinsing my hair, not touching anywhere near my shoulders.  Wondering what it was I turned off the shower and checked my shoulder. Running from the back of the shoulder to across the front was four curved scratch marks!

Of course I freaked and yelled for my Mum, (yep super brave of me!) to show her the so obvious proof that something weird was going on in this house.

She on the other hand just laughed and said I must have scratched myself and told me to calm down and not worry about it.

Oh course I didn’t do that, I promptly texted all my friends to see who would come save me from this hell house. After they all told me I was being silly, with the exception of Lauren  who told me to grab the salt, draw a circle and stand in it! my father called me into the lounge to show him my scratch marks.  Apparently my mum did believe I wasn’t lying and asked my father to look into it. Of course, I’m crazy, so he just decided I done it myself and must have gotten soap on them, which caused them to burn. But I tell you now, I had looked at my shoulders, as I always do each night (just to make sure my tattoo’s haven’t faded, I’m really worried about that!) before I had a shower and they were fine.

Wether anyone believes me or not I know something scratched me and now I am making my personal mission to find out what. Entity that haunts my house, be warned, this means war!