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Fan fiction

24 Mar

So my best friends taken to writing fan fiction… of my novel! I’m super flattered by that Lauren by the way.

Seeing she is of the few people that have read all of them, she knows the characters just about as well as i do. She’s decided to write pieces from a spin off story i’m doing about one of the supporting characters Ryder. Her stuff is really good and i love reading it but she has a terrible habit of using ideas we had talked about (ones i planned on using in the actual story) to write them and then send them to me for comments. She only does a page or so at a time which isn’t to bad but as soon as i read them i just can’t imaging it happening any other way. But besides the fact that she likes to make it difficult for me, i do really like them and i might even post one when i get her permission 😛

Her sudden interest in writing my stories for me,  made me think about maybe starting an online novel like you see a lot of these days. I might even use the unnamed Ryder’s story for it. Not sure yet but it could be fun, we’ll have to wait and see i guess.



19 Mar

Ok so i finally….finally! got one.

One what you ask, well in case you did actually ask and not just guess from the title of the post. Into the Night finally got a cover.

I don’t think i had ever been so excited to open an email ever, i was actually doing a little happy dance. I was so nervous (which is silly i know) to open the attachment and when i did i nearly squealed in excitement.

the best thing was i loved it! it was beyond anything i had ever imagined and it was absolutely perfect! so here it is Into the Nights very own cover!…        Image

Amazing right!


Ok, so if you managed to find this and have not read the back, and now wish to the link follows….


With all the formatting out of the way and now i cover there is only one step to go and that is to get it into print!

I am currently waiting on the review copy the very first ever printed copy, i’m not sure when it will be arriving, but i guess from what they were saying that it won’t be for about two weeks, and then how ever long it actually takes to get it to my via post. 


Well i could ramble on all day about how excited i am, (which is really, really excited!) but i think i’ll just wrap it up here,


i’ll keep you posted!