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Ryder’s Story: Chapter Two

29 Apr

Chapter Two

The trip was long and the journey took a week in total to complete. In that time we were raided, ambushed, waylaid and just plain attacked. So needless to say the nice neat gentleman’s clothing we were given was in tatters by the time we reached out destination. Thankfully we had the money, and like many things in life, our problem could and would be fixed for the right price. There was a tailor in town which was more than happy to have a few new sets of clothes in our size to our temporary lodgings by sunrise the next day. Something I noticed in our line of work money was never a problem, laws were never a problem, something went wrong and the higher ups would make it go away. The church ruled most of England at the time and we were doing what I had though was the lords work. So among men, we were untouchable, not even kings were giving the leeway’s we were. We found lodgings in an inn, which was as you could expect for inn at the time. It was simple, had places to say our head, minimum washing equipment and down stairs was a pub. It was noisy and uncomfortable but it was only for a night, we had our eyes on the estate next.  As expected a new wardrobe of the local fineries were delivered at the crack of dawn and Dashiell and I could start what we had came here for.

The market place was crowded but from the intelligence we were given our targets visited the markets themselves every Monday morning. So it was only a matter of time until we spotted them amongst the crowed.  It was I who spotted mine first. I nudged Dashiell’s arm and he shot me a filthy look. I rolled my eyes and pointed the girl out. He smiled as I lean in and whispered, “Follow my lead,”

I examined my surroundings as I walked, briskly so I wouldn’t lose sight of her.  She was dressed as I had been told she would, but she had her back to me so I could only really assume it was the right girl. Long golden hair cascaded down her back from underneath her white and blue hat and her general description fit the profile I was given. She was a larger girl, she had curves in all the right places and even without seeing her face I knew she would have been quite sort after which is why I had to play it just right. As I got closer I noticed she was looking at some fresh produce which was just about perfect for me. I tried to blend in with the crowed as best as I could a few stalls away from her and waited for her to make her move. Dashiell had done the same and I gave a quick glace around for him to find nothing, he was so much better at that than I was. My target thanked the merchant before turning to walk away. Just as she passed me I turned and walked straight into her knocking her basket from her hand.

“Darn,” she sighed sitting up herself up. I scrambled to my feet quickly and held out my hand to her.

“My apologies dear lady, how clumsy of me. Are you alright?” I asked in as clipped accent as I could muster. So I didn’t sound out of place. I hadn’t meant to knock her to the ground merely bump into her. I guess I must have got a bit excited. She took my hand and I found that her fair skin was smoother than silk to my touch; it was surprising to say the least. Eighteen years and I’d never so much as held a woman’s hand before. Our eyes met and for a second I was stunned speechless. She was far beautifier than what I had been told, more so than I could even imagine. Soft delicate features covered in creamy skin, so fair that it would have made the winter snow envious.  Full pink lips, rosy cheeks and eyes they exact colour of the sky. She took my breath away. I pulled her to her feet with ease and she brushed herself off.

“Yes but I’m afraid my produce isn’t,” she replied in an angelic voice.  I couldn’t remember what I was meant to be doing, what I was meant to be saying. All I could do was admire the beautiful creature in front of me.

“Oh brother look what you have done,” snapped Dashiell stepping in and pulling me from my daze. There was a reason he usually took the lead and my total disregard of our mission was just that. “My apologies for my brother, please allow us to pay for the damage he has caused,” finished Dashiell as he pulled a money clip from the pocket of his waist coat.

“No that needn’t be necessary, but I thank you for you kindness,” she said with a small smiled and turned to leave. I shot Dashiell a worried glance.  Not knowing what else to do I took a step forward and went to call her back but she turned around.  I stopped almost midstride her name stupidly on my lips, that would have blown our cover for sure. “What would be your names gentlemen.”

“We are the sons of Godrick Kingston, English Noblemen from great Brittan. I am Dashiell and this is my brother Ryder,” he replied with a gallant bow.

“I have not heard of you but I welcome you to town none the less. I am Elizabeth, daughter of the duke,” she said. I took that step forward and took her hand flashing her my most dashing smile. Softly I brushed my lips in a kiss on that back of her hand, before meeting her gaze and sweeping into a bow myself.

“The pleasure is all ours, my lady,” I replied doing my best to contain my smile. I was starting to think that this was not going to be so tough of a mission after all. Getting close to this girl would be my pleasure.  For the first time I was glad they had chosen me for this instead of Dashiell.

“Oh my,” she gasped and her rosy cheeks glowed a beautiful scarlet “come the two of you must join us for dinner.  Father will be pleased to hear the arrival of more noblemen. I’m sure we can offer you accommodation until you are settled, if you need it that is,” she said gently pulling her hand from mine as she spoke.

“We would not want to impose,” said Dashiell shooting me the smallest of excited looks.

“It will be of no hassle, come follow me,” she replied and lead the way back to her carriage.

So first part of our plan was much easier than I had expected, it took no time at all to become acquainted among the nobles. It was a rather exciting venture; neither of us had set foot on an estate before, let alone stayed in one. The place was huge and there was many, many people staying there, which made the second part of our plan difficult to say the least. The monster could have been anyone with so many nobles and staff all over the place it was hard to sort through. At the time we knew very little of vampires and they were rare unlike in today’s world.  We knew holy water weakened them, a stake would knock them out, but it would not kill them and fire was deadly. Seeing our only means of attack was burning someone alive we had to be sure it was the monster. It was up until this mission that we had thought that sunlight was deadly to all vampires because the ones that my brothers had faced had only been night walkers. This one proved quite the challenge.

It took us a full week of stealing staff rosters and taking notes to get that lay of things. After we had that though it was simple to narrow down the list. Once we were sure a person wasn’t the vampire we’d slip them a little holy water, spill a few drops where it would come in contact with them. it was a risk but we had been trained to take such risks.

After a lot of trial and error gathered enough information to assume that it was Spanish diplomat Skyler Marcos Ramírez, who had been a quest of the Dukes for some time now.  He was a tall slender man that spoke poor English, but he spoke enough to get by. He was unlike anyone I had seen from Spain before, which made me think he was born elsewhere. His skin was fair, so fair it could have been white and perfect, much too perfect for a man to possess, even a noblemen. His light hair was just as fair as his skin and his eyes glowed bright. They were luminous in a way that was suspicious and blue, but a cold blue as if they were made from ice. It was this that had tipped us off in the first place. In was colder in this regain, sun was scarce leaving most with a pale completion and the fact that he walked in the day was off putting and made it hard to know for sure. The Creature was careful, it took another week of close observation before we were sure. The creature slept at night, ventured in the sun, made on effort to avoid sliver, he attended Sunday service with the rest of us and he even indulged in food, garlic and all.

Even with this I was sure he was the one we were looking for, so we sent the report off to father Kingston via massager pigeon and held our cover trying to find out as much as we could until we got our reply. I was surprised when I read that father Kingston himself was coming to aid us. News of Elisabeth betrothed to the beast reached us early one morning and my heart sank. Despite the act I had grown to care for her deeply, with her it took little acting for me to be convincing. I was like a lost puppy with her and she’d told me that we were mean to be together. I could hardly believe it when I heard that, she and him were to wed. I knew it must be some kind of demon trickery, but I couldn’t betray our cover so soon, it would be foolish of me to protest. So I turned to courting her in secret.

It was a Sunday evening and I sat out on the terrace of the villa we’d been logged in watching the sun setting in the distance. I was awaiting Dashiell’s return with proof that my beloved’s betrothed was the beast. As the eldest he’s been invited to join in on a  fox and hound hunt with the vampire and Elisabeth’s father. It was the first chance either of us had gotten to get so close without potentially blowing our cover. I was more eager than I should have been to get the news we were right, because I knew nothing could become of Elisabeth and I.  Once we killed the beast we’d leave, in the dead of night. It was be as if we never existed and that was the way it had to be. I couldn’t entertain the fantasy that I could have a life here, with her.  No it could be no other way.

“Ryder?” said a voice so sweet that it knocked away all my reason and just for a second I let myself have those fantasies.

“Oh good evening, my love” I replied as I sat up straight and looked to her. The glow from the sun set made her look like an angel and she was dressed none to proper to be in my presence.

“May I join you?” she asked and the smiled that crossed my face was a genuine one.

“Oh please do,” I replied. With that I sprang from my chair and grabbed her hand, before leading her to the other. I let my lips brush the soft skin on her hand for a moment before I took my own seat again. Her cheeks blushed that amazing scarlet and I couldn’t help but marvel in her presence. What was I doing?

“That is most improper sir, I am to be betrothed in the coming weeks,” she replied softly and I let my smile say all the things I could not. Her blush deepened.

“Indeed but until then I will do my best to woo you, my lady,”

“If only it were allowed Ryder, but we can’t.” she sighed, “may I ask what you are doing out here by yourself,”

“I was merely looking to the heaven wondering how they could lose an angel such as yourself and not fall apart,” I replied our eyes never breaking gaze.

“You do believe you are charming, do you not?” she said her smile mimicking my own.

“yes I do, but I only speak the truth Elisabeth. What would it take to win your heart? To convince you to ride off into the sunset with me instead?” I asked. I knew that we could not truly bet happy but I would give anything to get her away from this. To marry the beast is a death sentence becoming a peasant was a far better fate than she had in store for her.

“Oh Ryder, you have no idea how much I want that, but I have a duty to my family I must do this,” I sighed and took her hands in my own. Three horses silhouetted against the setting sky in the distance and I knew it would be my only time to act. I mustn’t fail this girl, nor must I fail my mission. I would not only fail in the eyes of my church and my father but I would have failed in the eyes of god, failed to save one of his children from the clutches of evil. I couldn’t not allow that.  I moved from my chair to kneel in from of her.  Everything thing that was in my heart I put into my gaze as I held her hand to my chest over my heart.

“ please Elisabeth come away with me. We can live together in the English country side. I cannot give you an estate or nobility but we will be happy. I’ll work the lands, I’ve done it before and you can tend the children. We could have a family my love, we wouldn’t need anything else but ourselves. We will be together forever, but you can’t marry him. Please come away with me, tonight, I’ll gather all I can carry and ready the horses we’ll be gone before dawn, they’ll never find us.” It hurt to say such things, because I wanted more than anything for them to be true. I knew there was no way I could just disappear. That though struck me, but I could, I knew how to run, I knew how to hide, after enough time they would stop looking and we could have all that but it would mean abandoning Dashiell, my father all for a girl. Would they understand, could they understand? I wasn’t sure but I knew I could do it, tonight I kill the beast then I run, like I’ve never run before.

“Ryder…” her voice was full of as much hope and doubt as I was sure as my own was. She wanted this to, she wanted me, we could do this. Hope welled inside of me and I smiled as I responded.

“Please Elisabeth, I’ll be at the gates at midnight. I’ll be waiting for you my love,” before she could answer I swept her into an embrace and pressed my lips firmly to hers.  I had wanted to do this for so long. Her lips parted with a small sigh and our kiss deepened, it felt right, real, it was real. Feeling her in my embrace made me ache and want to remove that improper dress of hers. But I dared not, in truth I was nervous to try even this was new to me.  I broke away much sooner than I would have liked. Her lips full and swollen from the kiss it was un gentlemanly of me to try such a thing but I didn’t regret it. She relaxed into my arms and I held her.

“Ok Ryder, midnight,”

We stayed like that for as long as we dare before she had to return to her chambers, not that it mattered now but her being caught leaving mines at this hour of the evening would make quite the scandal. The door opened half an hour after she had left and Dashiell strolled in. there was an unusual swagger to his walk. His shirt sat slightly askew and his collar was stained with a red marks.  It didn’t take a more experience man to figure out what he’d been doing. And here I was beating myself up over a kiss.

“Blasphemy,” I said as my gaze met his.  He gave me a lazy smile that only a brother could give. His eyes were glassy and he smiled of ale, or mead and he was clearly drunk, which was unwise given our circumstances and the whole sin of it all.

“Relax Anthony; I was only playing my part. Who am I to refuse an ale when offered, I am not under the church when I’m undercover,” he replied his words slirred.

“No brother, I agree you’re not, but how could you be so careless. It is not that fact that you have sinned than bothers me, it’s the fact you did so knowing that we have a job to do. One I have been doing all night. You job was to watch the monster not go down to the tavern and have a few ales with it and is that lipstick on your collar?”

“Yes in matter of fact it is, and I can assure it is not the only place I have it,” I gaped at him I knew it wasn’t the first tame Dashiell had done such things. He’d snuck off during other missions but he’d never returned like this, with proof. He was always careful not to be caught and it was the first time I’d see it for myself. I knew I had much more Faith than he ever had but seeing it with my own eyes didn’t give me the luxury of denial.

“Sex out of wedlock brother, have you truly gone insane, surly you joke brother. Adultery is punishable by death in the church,” my shock my evident in my voice.

“oh Anthony, are you my wife or my brother honestly, and it is only if you get caught, which I can assure you I was not. Relax brother, I know that if you found yourself alone in our little charges chambers you would be more than tempted by her forbidden fruit as well, if you haven’t already,” he replied I went to argue and her rolled his eyes and cut me off.  “In my blasphemy, I solidified our theory, I saw the beast feed. It made a fatal mistake to assume I was rather preoccupied,”

“Good and while you was trying to become a drunkard and adulterer, I was saving Elisabeth. I convinced her to leave the village with me tonight, after we are done”

“And you have the nerve to lecture me brother. You like Elizabeth, do you not?”

“It does no matter what I think, how I feel, or even if I care for her because once we have debt with the monster we will return home, simple as that,” the lie rolled y my lounge like butter on freshly look bread.

“You will return home brother, I am unsure whether I want to, this is not the life a choose to lead,”

“nor I, but I will do the duty intrusted to me by god, for the sake of my immortal soul, and a prey you so the same brother this will be no easy task and speaking such thing even while ale ridden is no laughing matter. So rest brother for tonight we kill the beast,” I said sitting on the bed. I drew the blessed sword we were provided with and read the inscriptions engraved on it. The blade gleamed in my hand and I wondered if it would work. It was new a weapon not, the sword itself but using it against such beasts had never been done. Dashiell looked to it as well then nodded.

“I have other meetings this afternoon I shall meet you at the gates at midnight brother,” and then he left. I spent the remainder of the night practicing with the heavy broad sword. I was a long sword person so I had to be sure I could wield it effectively.  I would only have one shot at it and should the blade shatter, I knew I was a s good a dead. The task would fall solely on Dashiell to try and set the creature alight or we will have failed completely and our efforts would have been for nothing.

The moon rose high in the sky and I knew it was approaching midnight. The night was clear as I approached the stables. The horses were unsettled as I crept closer to the door. The creatures neighed and bucked, their hooves pounded the walls in distress. I stopped at the door when I heard voices; one had a distantly Spanish accent.

“You really believed I did not know why you and your brother were truly here. You are not the first, I have come up against and you will not be the last. Although you have come the closest and I like that so I will give you a choice few of us get.  You can either agree to join me, willingly, or I let you die and take the women instead,”

“I cannot condemn my soul to darkness, creature,” said Dashiell his voice was hoarse and weak. He was in trouble. Without thinking I burst in and drew the sword. It was a silly mistake and I was knocked unconscious before I even had time to strike. So much for my training. I awoke in a puddle of blood and fire blazed around me. I looked over to see my Elizabeth with her throat torn open and the stable was a blaze. Shouts echoed from outside the barn and the Dashiell was nowhere in sight. Horses neighed in distress as others laid silent already dead. Dragging myself to my feet a released the animals with tear filled eyes. I knew better than to mourn, there was nothing I could do for my love now, I would do so once I escaped.  I gasped for breath as I tried to remove the huge wooden bar from the door, yelling for help as I did. The door opened as the roof stared to collapse and frightened horses spilled from there stables all around me.  I crawled out and collapsed at a guards feet.

“What happened? where is Elisabeth?” I tried to answer but before Ii could I had lost conciseness once again.


Ryder’s Story: Chapter One

22 Apr

Ok as before mentioned, I said I was going to start an online novel. But in order for said novel to make sense I need to give you all a bit of background info. Firstly, the hero of this is a character from my other novel Into the Night. I’ve noticed many of the people that read it seem to rather like him due to his mysterious part and sometime unorthodox ways. This story is his, but be warned due to the fact that he does indeed cross paths with the main characters in my other novel and the unpublished novels that follows something might be a bit of a spoiler but I’ll try to keep that to a minim if I can. Also if you haven’t noticed my spelling and grammar is not always the best. I do apologize for that, but seeing I’m dyslexic, and often have trouble with things like that I hope you can overlook it and just enjoy the story behind it, because I’m not going to let that stop me from writing it!  I’ll try my best to post a new chapter every week if anyone actually is reading it but it depends on wither I get time to write a chapter or not, but I will try. So I guess with that out of the way I’ll get to it welcome to Ryder’s world.

They say all great stories have humble beginnings and although I’m not entirely sure my story could be considered great, it was not at all humble. No mine is a story of life, loss, war and new beginnings; this is the story of my life and I’ll start from the beginning.

I was born in 1509 the same year that Henry VII died leaving the English throne to the notorious Henry VIII; of course at the time I had no knowledge of that and doubt I would have cared even if I did. I was born Anthony Edward Cross, but have since changed my given name to become what you know me as now Ryder Kingston. I was orphaned at a young age; my father killed in a war, my mother to poor to care for me, turned to prostitution then died not long after. I don’t remember much of my childhood seeing it was so long ago and such a small part of my life but it was spent bouncing from orphanage to orphanage, until I was fourteen and old enough to work, to marry and that is where my life really started.

It was 1523 and I was only a boy, I remember the day as if it was yesterday. It was a Monday and it had been raining all morning. By the time afternoon had hit the sun was shining and brighter day lay ahead. Voices in the hall outside of the boy’s chambers caught my attention because I knew it was me they were speaking of.

“He’s a good boy father, quite reserved, but strong. He’d make a good field boy, or worker, and he’s rather dashing,” said the owner of the orphanage as I pressed my ear to the door. Seeing it was the middle of the day most of the others were doing chores or playing outside, but they were almost all younger than me and still had hope for finding a family, my only hope was being put to work, it was all I could have asked for at my age.

“Very well, and it is the boy with blond hair and blue eye, Anthony I believe?” said the male voice, he sounded young, and I wondered what a man such as him could possible want with me.

“That’s the one. Can’t tell you much of his history father but he’s a little old for any hope of adoption, I was thinking I might have to keep him on to fix up he place, he has always been a favourite of mine.” she said.

“I do apologise for requesting a favourite of yours but he is the boy I have been looking for, my brothers son It seem it only fair that he return to family,”

“Please father do not take me wrong, I will be happy if the boy goes to a good home, what better a home than with a priest.”

“The boy he is in here?” said the priest; his voice was followed by footsteps.

“Yes father thought that door,” I hurried away from it not wanting to look like I had been eavesdropping. I grabbed the book one of the few in the orphanage. Although I didn’t know how to read I liked to look, and pretend I knew the story, even if it meant I had to create my own.

“Anthony, what are you reading son,” said the voice I had heard in the hall. I looked up feeling quite foolish and wished I knew enough to lie.

“I’m not,” I said the book falling into my lap. Books were a luxury and it was amazing that we even owned one, granted it was hand written and poorly bound but printed book were a while off yet.

“That’s strange I do believe you are holding a book,” he said gently reaching for it and looked at the cover.

“I can’t read,” I replied softly ashamed of the fact. My father had been a well-educated man, he had read to me when I was still very young, I remembered it but being as I was, I had no hope that I could, or ever would be anything more than an uneducated peasant.

“Well I shall teach you son, then you will be able to read this book you hold so dear.” He said with a bright smile that showed how young the man actually was. He seemed kind and his smile was warm as he held out his hand for me to take. “Now come my son, I will show you your new life.”

The weather was warm outside that day which made for a good change. The priest had a horse drawn carriage which excited me; I had never ridden in one that I could remember. It was not something a boy of my stature could hope for. The ride was long but it didn’t bother me in the slightest I had never seen that much of the country side before. It was all so green and beautiful like a place from my dreams and at the time I felt like the luckiest boy alive. The small village where the priest’s monastery was, was far from any town and the small two bedroom house that would be my home for some years was better that I could have ever expected. The town itself was owned by the church and in nowadays it would have been seen as more of a training facility than anything but to me and others like me it was home.

When we arrived at the house I was giving new clothes, gentlemen’s clothes, the type of clothes that I could have only dreamed of having back at the orphanage. My life at the small town was greatly the same. I was raised and was taught to be a gentleman, being told that I would soon be working with the rich and the royal I need my manners. I was raised to a class that was well above my own but I had no delusions of nobility or wealth, I was just a lucky boy.  They taught me to read, in both English and Latin, and also I was giving an education something that I never would have got if it wasn’t for father Kingston. The priests at the monastery were far ahead of their time, they believe in good hygiene and had advances in medicine that wouldn’t be seen for hundreds of years, some of which modern medicine could use now but were lost over time. I soon found out that I would need these advances and I was very grateful for them.

I liked my new home and I liked my new carer. Father Kingston was a young man of twenty three; he was never married and grew up in the very town we were in. He told me of a time when he was just like me, all alone with no home. He knew what it was like for us but he said my life held I different path than his, he was a scholar and I was not. Despite that, all of the time I sent with him I believed I was going to be just like him one day. It was the path I chosen as soon as I met him but it never came about. I loved him like a father and he treated me as his son.

On my fifteenth birthday I met the boy that was to become my brother. Like me he had no family and was taken in by one of the priest at the compound.  We met at the river while I was skipping stones waiting for my afternoon lessons. I was rather excited for that one particular.  Father Kingston said I would be soon put to work and was to begin my training in doing the Lord’s work. Our first conversation was simple and from that first moment we were inseparable right until the end.
“Mind the intrusion, you are Anthony right?” asked a voice from behind me. I stopped and turned on my heels to look at him.

“Yeah,” I replied

“Hello, my name is Dashiell, Dash has been used also. I was told to find you, we will be training together,” he said shyly and I smiled. That was the first and last time I would ever think of Dashiell as shy.

“Pleasure to meet you Dash,” I replied tossing him the smooth stone that was in my hand, “Care to join me?”

“Very kind,”

It wasn’t long after I met Dashiell I learnt exactly what our jobs involved. Throughout the course of my training, I decided that I would risk my life for that boy, and I had many times as he had for me. Training was hard but the acting was harder, I was the furthest thing from a gentlemen which only became clearer as I grew. When the priest pulled me from that orphanage, I was the dirty, son of a whore. I hadn’t the slightest clue what manners were, and didn’t even own a set of shoes. Not that it mattered here because none of the buys had. We were all lost soul, boys that wouldn’t be missed if something unfortunate was to happen and I quickly learned why. We were trained to eliminate things that defied the church, abominations, the supernatural, make it like they never existed. Our job was dangerous and many of the boys did not survive there teen. I learnt to take loss well early and not to fear death, I knew that the chance were I would die young but I knew what I was doing was right and as it turned out I was rather good at it

Dashiell and I quickly moved to the head of our class, I believed we were unstoppable. I don’t intend to brag, but before we started our first mission, we believe that there wasn’t a thing that could stop us, and I knew as long as my brother had my back I was safe.  I was eighteen years old when I was send on my first major mission. True there were other before but that one, but that was the one the defined my life. It was the domino that started the tumble that lead to my death. If only I knew back then what I know now things might have ended differently.

We were tasked with finding and eliminating a vampire that had taken residence among English nobles. We were to infiltrate the families fold by whatever means necessary. I liked to use a playfully nature and charm, to befriend the charge but Dashiell on the other hand, was to work through the business, he like the politics. He would go for the father, he was older, only a year but back in that time a year made a great difference, and he was also smarter. He understood the working of a business, where I did not.  Dashiell’s dark eyes and dark hair gave him a more professional look; it also made girls from miles around swoon and act rather improper in his presence. He was a lady killer, out of us he had the looks, the charm and the charisma, which was why I was surprised I was even chosen for the job. Although I was not without my own charms.

Before I knew it we were bathed, suited, and had been given two of the most magnificent stallions I had ever seen. I held the reigns uncomfortable in the formal attire. I knew it was an invitation for bandits to try and rob us on our journey; it was almost as if we were carrying a sign stating ‘free gold enquire with swords’. Although, I did not fear being robbed by mere bandits I did think it would be a rather unfortunate waist of life and of time. Dashiell and I could more than stop our fair share of bandits; we had fort things that were far more than human in our time. I was more sure of that fact than I was of that than anything else in our entire assignment, not that I enjoyed the thought of it happening.

“Smile Anthony, it’s ok, are you not excited?” asked Dashiell brightly as came to a stop next to me.

“Excited is hardly the word I would use,” I replied looking around for father Kingston. As if he had heard my prayers he emerged from the house nearest to me. “Father,” the discomfort and doubt was thick in my voice. I did my best to hide it; I didn’t want to let him down. He placed a hand on my shoulder and smiled at me before he said.

“What is it my son you sound troubled,”

“Father i…” I stopped unable to tell him I could not go through with it. It was an assignment that was too big to fail, its reach was too great. It had links right back to the royal English court and the last thing I wanted was to piss off the king. It was Dashiell who broke my silence.

“He is just anxious father, he doubts his abilities,”

“Is this true?”  My father asked meeting my gaze from our similar heights.

“Well…” was all I managed to get out before the cardinal and leader of our group spoke up.

“Alright, alright gather around warriors. I know you have all been anxious to hear who was chosen to lead England from the clutches of evil back into the loving light of god almighty. The decision was not made lightly and our finally minds have been made. Dashiell, Anthony will you please step forward?”

I passed the reigns to my father and walked to the front of the cognation to take a knee in front of the cardinal. Dashiell took my side and we bowed our heads as the cardinal gave us our rights.

“You are warriors sent forth from heaven to complete the Lord’s almighty will. You will have no earthly bound but to the duty you have been bestowed. If you are to walk in the valley of death, fear not my sons because you can walk head held high into eternal martyrdom, everlasting youth and life. You serve no man princely or otherwise only the will of the divine, do you understand our mission my sons?”

“Yes my father,” we replied in unison with a gentle hand he lifted my head and made the sign of the cross on my forehead.

“Requiem aeternam dona eis Domine

et lux perpetua luceat eis.

Ut requiem in pacem.

In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti. Amen.”

“In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti.” I repeated before he moved on to Dashiell to repeat  the process.

“Now rise my sons, you have much to do,” I looked to Dashiell as we got to our feet his hand clung to the chain around his neck and he said his own silent prayer. As we were walking to our horses I was stopped by another clergy member.

“Anthony,” he said in a solemn voice that instantly made me fear the worst. “You have been appointed rider, and will take the lead unto your first rest and then again onto the next, do you understand the responsibility of being rider son,” he said and much to my surprise Dashiell actually laughed as I nodded and I agreed.

“I do father,” the priest left us with only our horses and father Kingston for farewell.

chapter one comic2“Do you understand the responsibilities, we have bestowed on you Ryder?” Said Dashiell in a mocking voice I gave him a disapproving look but he continued any way. “No father I have only spent the last four years of my life preparing to die as a young martyr, I could not possibly fathom this which you task me with,”

“Must you?” I asked unable to hide my own smile.

“Yes brother, come now Ryder we better get a move on,” he replied a wide smile beaming on his handsome face as he mounted his horse. I looked to father Kingston who nodded and gave me a small smile.


“Be safe my son,” he said as I too hoisted myself onto my own horse. I hated the thought of leaving especially since the chance of returning was slim but I knew I must. I looked down the road coming to terms with my own impending death as best as any man could and smiled down at the priest besides my horse.

“Be well father,” I said before a gentle stoa of my boots and a quick ‘yah’, I was gone.

Fan Fiction Part Two

19 Apr

Ok, so i did it i talked my best friend and biggest fan into letting me post some of her fan fiction. Bare in mind the character’s name in the book is really Lauren, named after the writer of this story for all her support so she isn’t just writing her self in. (on a side note, i haven’t edited this, but based my my really bad editing skills i don’t think it would have helped much anyways, but it was most written on her mobile so might have a few mistakes. so here it is Lauren’s addition to Ryder’s Story, my soon to be web spin off of into the night!

Before you go on i must admit this is a huge spoiler, seeing this scene does actually happen pretty much exactly as below in the real thing, so if you are planning on reading the Web Novel i wouldn’t suggest you read this huge plot give away.


I always knew I was destined to fall in battle, it was just a question of which one; a question of when. For centuries I have been waiting, sometimes almost longing for the day my existence would cease, the day it would all end. Of course just as soon as realise I truly have a chance to be happy; to actually have a ‘family’ of sorts, a chance at the ‘life’ I’ve never realised I wanted; until now.  So here I was standing in the middle of a grassy field, I was literally in Eden; and I was waiting to die.

I awoke this morning already knowing I would not see another sunrise, but it didn’t make it any easier when I eased myself out of bed leaving behind a sleeping Lauren. Lauren McKay my girlfriend of  ? years was also a hunter, we’d been having a few issues lately, mostly because some of her family thought I was stopping her from having a normal life; the problem being I fully agreed with them! As clichéd as it sounds I would give her to world if I could, instead I would have to settle for the life her family wanted her to have, the life that in time she would realise was better for her. I could only hope that one day she would find it in her heart to forgive me, for so long I had worked hard to keep everyone out but Lauren had made me realise that I deserved to be happy, to ‘live’, to let others in.

My friends both human and supernatural were the reason I was here, the prophecy required the sacrifice of an immortal life, one life to save so many more. By the time the others realised there was no other way, it would already be done, Ryder Kingston would be no more. Xavier and Damien would both sacrifice themselves if push came to shove, but I couldn’t let them do that, I owed Xavier my life many times over; and no matter what my history with Damien held, he was the only parent Lillian had left, I wouldn’t allow that sweet little girl to be orphaned, not when I had a choice.

 All these thoughts were running through my head, as I clenched my teeth against the pain coursing through my body, like fire in my veins. A fresh jolt of agony explodes behind my eyes, my vision beginning to blur, it hit me then that my existence was truly over, I was about to die. My legs faltered, unable to stop myself from crumpling to the ground, the pain was so bad that I couldn’t even force my arms forward to cushion the fall. One memory cemented its place in my mind, as my face hit the dirt; Lauren and I dancing the night of Misty and Xavier’s wedding, the two of us stumbling into the house, Lauren shrieking my name as I swung her over my shoulder and headed for the spare room. The pain intensified, reflexively my body curled into a foetal position, I prayed for an end to the pain, for it to be over. The last thing I heard was Lauren shrieking my name, just like in the memory.


Into the Night Book trailer

19 Apr

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