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What are you like one?

28 Jun

What i’m about to rant about is a topic that has really being annoying me lately, so i’m going to get it off my chest by venting to randoms on the internet..

Is anywhere else but my small island state currently having the adult onesies trend?

If not then maybe I can put it down to people in Tassie all going simultaneously insane! I mean really, come on, onesies! Personally I think this is the stupidest trend I have ever seen, and I’ve been part of some pretty stupid things in time. Just ask any of my friend and they will be able to tell you hundreds of stupid, totally hilarious and super embarrassing things that I have done in my life. For example (and this will probably get me in trouble with my boss if she read this), I once done most of my shift at work wearing an Iron Man mask.  True I was supervision so, I really only had to serve the odd person and deal with complaints, (but really who wants to complain to iron man?) but I still wore the damn thing until it became too hard to breath. Not the worst thing I have ever done, ask any of my friends who Commander Barbie is and you’ll laugh for days, but I think it proves I have no problem making a fool of myself in front of others. That being said not even I, no matter how much you paid me, (ok depends there, because I do like money: P) would never go into public dress in a zebra onesies.

As stupid as this craze is, it’s spreading like wild fire around here, to the point that even one of the local night clubs had an onesies party. Meaning if you showed up in an onesies you would get discounted and free drinks. It totally and honestly confounds me to their appeal. As to not be totally bias I did come up with some good points to go with my bad.


They might make comfy PJ’s

They make less washing.

The adult ones come in cool designs (like Pikachu!)

They make quick and easy costumes for the lazy person.

So if I considered all the pro’s I could think of, maybe… no I still wouldn’t wear one.  I grew out of wearing onesies when I was about one! And I don’t plan on starting again. I’ve heard about people buying their babies outfit to match their own but now people are buying outfits to match the babies. Sure BABIES! Look super cute in onesies, all snuggled up and stuff but you, you fully grown adult dressed like a purple giraffe walking through Woolworths, yeah you know who you are, do not look cute!

Even though it kinda sounds like I do, I have nothing against stupid trends or trends in general, nor do I have anything against onesies. It’s not the onesies fault that full grown people decided it was cool to wear them. No I really don’t but I can honestly say that this is one band wagon that I will not be hitching myself to.

Does that make me uncool?

Oh well tough luck, at least I’m not dressed like a five foot baby!



Ryder’s Story: Chapter ten

25 Jun

Chapter Ten

The first few weeks that I spent with Evangeline were peaceful, time passed leisurely and it gave me plenty of time to prepare for my upcoming journey. Never before in my life had I ever thought of running. Would I have even considered it as a man? I do not know, but now it was my only choice. I had picked a fight that not even I could hope to win. If things had been different I would accept my death, but I would not relent to a life of endless torture, then an eternity of darkness. So I would run, even if it was only to achieve my vengeance. Now that I could again think of my own free will; I knew that all the coiled up rage was nothing but my need to avenge my family. It was the only thing that had been keeping me alive all these years, when I would rather have died with them and it was the reason I would not rest, not until I got justice. Though my peaceful retreat ended sooner than I would have liked and I soon learned the real reason Evangeline had assisted me. I was grateful, I knew that I would have no hope of evading Issas without her help, so once again I found myself working in a profession that I was truly apt for. I became a royal hit man.  I simply followed her orders, as did her werewolf guard; after all it wasn’t the first time I had been a hired sword and I used my skills as a form of payment for her shelter and protection. I was good at killing; I had killed in so many different ways now that it bothered me little, so long as the ends justified the means. It was when my job called for capture and containment that I struggled. I was no assassin, I did not do stealth, I had never mastered the art of hiding in the shadows, so those times when that particular skill set was required I had trouble. For the year in which I was working for Evangeline I learnt a great deal about myself as a vampire and more about my own abilities than I ever would have on my own. Paul and Richard became allies, though I would not go as far as to call them friends, they werewolves after all, they did serve with honour and I respected that. I used many of Evangeline’s connections to keep tabs on my sire and his. I tracked their every move; so when the day finally came that I could escape, I would know right where to run and I’d be ready.

I sat on the bed, in the room I now called my own, it had been my lodgings for the last year, the only place I could safely stay and contained everything I still owned. I rubbed at my eyes, the dried blood scratched at my skin and the smell of it annoyed me more than it should.  Evangeline had provided me with new armour. It was light, relatively easy to move in and was strong enough to stop even a vampire from being able to stake me, helpful thing but it often took as long as the battles waged wearing it to adorn and remove the damned thing. I removed one blood and mud covered boot, dropping it to the floor. I had called for Evangeline’s minions, the human ones to draw me a bath; I all but begged them for just water, I was growing tired of emerging smelling better than most perfumes.  Evangeline had a taste for pretty things and her bath perfumes were years ahead of their time. I reached down and pulled off the other boot. Part of me was saddened that removing it did not tax me as it should. Before I was turned sometimes my joints and muscles were so sore from battle that I wouldn’t be able to remove anything, which ultimately made it worse. It was strange the things you miss, I’d be well into my grave by now had I not been turned and I would have stopped ending up like this many years ago.

“Must you think like that Ryder? You were given a gift, it is truly not the curse you make it out to be,” I looked up as Evangeline entered the room, her red silken dress was lovely and she was beautiful as always.

“People keep telling me that but I have yet to see the evidence,” I replied getting to my feet. I reached around my side to unclip the buckles, holding the breast plate in position. Evangeline smiled as she stepped forward, her soft finger brushing mine as she worked on the fastenings below my hand. I let my hand fall away and watched her from the corner of my eye.

“You will, one day,” she said stepping behind me.

“They tell me that too,” I glanced over the other shoulder. A small smile hinted on her lips as she surveyed the damage to the armour, I was afraid it had not fared well, yet neither had I really.

“Never the less sir knight, I came to see how well you fared. I assume since you are still alive that Markel is no longer?” she said her soft elegant fingers flipping the last of the buckles as she spoke. The leather straps fell against the metal with a soft sound. I nodded, as I recalled the battle, it had nearly not been the case. Markel was an old vampire, much older than I was and he’d near enough torn me to pieces. He hadn’t succeeded and the only proof left that he had even come close was the armour that had probably saved my life today.

“You will never have trouble from him again, M’lady, knights honour,” I replied with a small smirk. I turned away from her and pulled the breast plate over my head letting it drop noisily to the floor, as I crossed the room to the window. The sun was setting, casting an orange glow throughout the room and I stood watching the sun descend. Evangeline was too much of a temptation to allow her to linger that close for too long. The shirt under the armour had fared well, the sleeves were torn and ruined, but the body was almost blemish free. Only the parts that were exposed by the armour showed signs of the battle.

“I am impressed. You never cease to amaze me, it’s almost a shame you’re a dying breed. The world could use more men like you Ryder,” I thought that over for a second, I didn’t agree.

“M’lady. I must disa…” the words died on my lips as I turned, only to find her right in front of me. Her eyes surveyed my face, which I knew was covered in blood and dirt, in a way that told me exactly what I was to her. I was a possession, an object to use however she pleased; there was no softness or caring in those eyes. All I saw was power and lust. She reached up to brush away a blood crusted piece of hair that I could feel brushing my forehead; I caught her hand before she could. Her intentions were clear on her face, they were no different from my own but I knew better than to act on them. Slowly I relaxed my grip on her hand but she did not try to pull it away. The heat in her eyes was unbearable and my mind couldn’t get over how beautiful she was, or how much I wanted to kiss her.  I opened my hand and her fingers splayed over my palm. Without thinking I took a step closer as our fingers intertwined. My free hand itched to touch her face, caress her body, find out how it felt wrapped in that red silk but I did no such thing.

“Evangeline I…” I started, trying to find it in me to protest, I watched her lips as she shushed my protest.

“Not now,” her voice was little more than a husky whisper and I was overcome by lust. I gave her hand a small tug and she fell into me easily, her lips finding mine.  She released my hands as our bodies intertwined and twisted her fingers in the hair at the nape of my neck.  My hands roamed greedily over her body which felt every bit as good as I had imagined. Her kiss trailed down my neck, closing my eyes I allowed myself to fall back against the wall, pulling her flush against me as I did. The points of her fangs scraping against my skin contrasted with the softness of her lips as she kissed me. I was unconcerned that she might leave an incriminating mark for all to see. A guttural groan of lust ripped through me as I scooped her into my arms and crossed the room. I laid her on the bed and tore off my shirt. She sat up undoing the ties on her dress, the red silk fell away from her body like water cascading down a water fall and I allowed myself just a moment to take her in. My god she was beautiful. No sooner had the silk hit the floor I had her in my arms again. Lips meeting, fangs tearing, lust overwhelmed the two of us. This time my hand found soft skin as our bodies intertwined and we lost ourselves in the other.

Much to my surprise come sunrise Evangeline was still in my bed. I let my eyes roam her naked form, a small naïve part of me wanted to wrap an arm around her and hold her close. Her dark hair fanned out on the pillow and her beautiful face was almost angelic while she slept. Unconsciously, I reached to stroke her cheek, but the sound of footsteps approaching my door startled me and I pulled away. Thankfully so, because they were also loud enough to startle Evangeline, when I looked back to where she had been laying, she was gone. I glanced over my shoulder in time to see her pull on her dress. She strode to the door without a word or a second glance in my direction.

“M’lady?”  I could hear Richard’s hushed voice through the door. He sound confused and just a little hurt and I knew that tone. I was a fool, I’d been played and by the sound of it I wasn’t the only one.  She replied hurriedly in a voice that was just too low for me to catch, but Richards tone was worried as he replied. The sound of rapid footsteps told me I needed to get a move on. I sprang from the bed and pulled on my trousers. I grabbed the clean shirt that was hanging from the mirror and pulled my boots on en route to the door. The sounds of conflict echoed along the hall and without thinking I ran toward it. I stopped on the stairs and stared down into the foyer. Both Paul and Richard were on their knees surrounded by uniformed vampires. I recognized the coat of arms on the uniform and knew what the green and blue colours meant. More men no doubt meant for me stood ready at the bottom of the stairs. I looked toward the door to see a handsome young man holding Evangeline by the arm. The guy was impossibly flawless, with features too fair to be considered masculine but on him they were. Like Evangeline his hair was dark but his eyes were a bright, golden yellow and it was almost like staring into the sun as they met mine. His clothes would rival the King of England’s but despite that I knew he was dangerous. I let the shirt fall from my hands and raised them above my head.

“It is about time we finally met,” snarled Issas a moment before his guard was on top of me.

It was the second time I’d been dragged through the vampiric royal court in chains but this time I was conscious during the ordeal. I watched as Richard and Paul were dragged off toward the cells that I had been held in, the same ones they had helped me escape from. Evangeline called reassurances to them as they were lead away. She followed along by her brother’s side not even once glancing in my direction. We both knew my chances here; there was no point in bringing them to the light. The two of them walked ahead of our group, arguing quietly. I had to wait for the multiple breaks in my legs to heal so I could stand again. They had injected me with some poison that seemed to be slowing down my healing process. I guess they’d wanted to insure that I couldn’t run this time. Knowing they had such a toxin made my situation even worse. To my surprise I was dragged into a room and dropped roughly to the floor. All but two of the guards who had been escorting me left. I struggled to my knees to find Issas sitting in a high backed chair in front of me. He was studying me with a look almost identical to the one Evangeline gave me on a regular basis. The possessiveness in it, which I’d come to find somewhat of a turn on from his sister, only made me shudder when coming from him. He leaned forward, linked his hands, as if to get a better look at the vampire who had been causing him so much trouble.

“You are the vampire I have been hunting for the last year; the one who single handedly killed my honour guard and has been causing me nothing but pain since his escape.” He paused, his voice that of a cold calculated killer. There was no mercy in there, no goodness, nothing. “Hmmm, somehow I just thought you would be taller,” he added, almost thoughtfully. I squared my shoulders and looked him right in the eye. I decided then and there that he could do whatever he wanted to me but I refused to let him break me. I would not play the victim any longer.

“I get that a lot,” I replied no trace of emotion in my voice. The room was deathly silent; it was the kind of silence that only the dead could make. The corners of his lips turned up ever so slightly.

“Issas,” the voice that broke the silence was Evangeline’s and for the first time I noticed she was still with us. She glanced in my direction, a look of regret in her eyes; if I had not come to know her as I had I might not have seen it.

“And you, dear sweet little sister, you have been the puppet master behind this thorn in my side. At first I was content to let you have your fun, I allowed you to get away with my prisoner. I let you keep him, because I thought to myself, what damage could one little vampire do?” he gave a dry laugh, his gaze finally shifting from me. “It was foolish, and I should have killed him when I had the chance.” His gaze drifted back to me and his stare grew colder. I could feel the power rolling off of him in waves. I had no doubt that if he wanted to kill me I would die, I could feel it. “and believe me I had plenty of chances,”

“Issas, you really….”

“Silence!” he turned his glare to Evangeline and got to his feet. “I knew you were cunning little sister, and I was willing to let your little assassin live because it made you happy. But you had to go and throw my generosity back in my face! You had Markel killed! This little freak killed a vampire almost thirty times his age! My oldest and dearest friend! I thought it would be amusing, to watch a baby vamp, not even a century of age, try and take down Markel. I thought there was no way that this insignificant little worm could ever manage that. I thought you were insane, sending him to the slaughter like you did.” He spun on his heel fixing me with that ice cold glare. “But you didn’t send him to the slaughter did you? No little sister, you saw what I failed to see, what I in my arrogance over looked. That this, vampire, this little, infant vampire, is the perfect killer.” He took a step closer to me with every word. “He does not care if he lives, or if he dies. He does not care who the opponent is, or of their guilt. Regardless, he can find guilt in all to justify his need for blood,” he spat through gritted teeth. I pulled at the chains binding my hands. The sliver burnt as it broke the skin but it was not nearly as bad as it was for others of my kind. I could not find the energy to break them but I would continue to try. A growl escaped my lips as he stopped in from of me. Eyes alight with flickering with golden fire.

Pain exploded in my jaw as I was suddenly launched backwards. I could feel the skin on my back being torn off against the stone floor as my shoulders popped from their joints. Blood welled in my mouth from lost teeth and I knew my jaw was shattered. I rolled onto my side coughing to clear my mouth of the blood and teeth, as I healed and they grew back. As soon as I struggled onto my knees, it happened again this time the blow was aimed at my ribcage. I heard it shatter and felt my lungs rupture. My vision dimmed as a fragment of my own ribcage pierced my heart. I wasn’t sure if a vampire could be beaten to death but if anyone could achieve it, it would be Issas. Pain, like nothing I had ever experienced tore through me and bloody tears ran from my eyes. Not that you could tell with the amount of blood already coming from my wounds. I was almost sure every bone in my body was broken. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t breathe and I could barely see through the blood in my eyes. I had told myself that I would not let Issas break me, but apparently I had forgotten to mention that to my body. He knelt next to me, barely a hair out of place. His voice was low as he spoke.

“This is not pain Ryder; this is merely a taste of what your life will be like for the rest of eternity. Every breath you choose to take will be poisoned; every bone you have will be broken, and then broken again. Every ounce of fight or spirit you have left in your body will be taken until you are nothing more than a broken down shell of a vampire. I will take that humanity and I will burn it. I will take every memory, every thought, every single piece of the man you call Ryder Kingston and I will break him down until he is nothing, just a memory in the mind of others. I will destroy everything you hold dear, everything you have ever worked for, everything that you have ever wanted and I will make you watch it burn. Then and only then, when you are broken, when you have nothing left, when your very identity is gone, will I allow you to die.” My ribs and lungs had mostly knitted themselves back together and my jaw was more or less in one piece. I looked Issas in the eye, I wanted to say I did not fear his threats because I knew I would not break, but that would be a lie. Everyone breaks eventually; it was only a matter of time. Knowing that would not help my situation and I knew now that nothing would. I drew in a ragged breath and glared at him through the pain.

“Fuck you, your highness” I grunted, barely able to get the words out. He laughed out loud and hit me again before getting to his feet.

“Issas, no, please! There must be something else you want, please brother,” begged Evangeline as I writhed in pain, my broken body finally healed enough allow me to move again.

“What could possibly be better than torturing him?” he asked “There is nothing I want, nothing he could do for me, little sister,” the sound of a throat clearing interrupted him.

“Sire the elves,” said a new voice. I was in too much pain to identify the newcomer, but the voice sounded familiar. The room fell silent again and after a moment footsteps made their way back toward me. The king knelt next to me again; he took my chin in his hand, forcing me to look at him. He was smiling but his smile was evil.

“I have an offer for you assassin. One that it would be in your best interests that you don’t refuse,” I gritted my teeth as his golden eyes bore into mine and before I had the chance to tell him what level of hell I wished for him to find himself in, Evangeline spoke.

“He will do it Issas, whatever it is, he’ll do it,” his smiled widened and grew more malicious, even though I would not have thought that possible.


Book Spotlight!

23 Jun

Very exciting today my first published novel Into the Night, was featured in a blog book Spot light! really excited thanks so much to Keisha from The simple Life for the spotlight!

Check it out at the link below!


Weird Books and Weider Quirks…!

19 Jun

Ok guys I have been trying to figure out my first post for a while now so I have decided to bite the bullet…. anyone who knows me will say I have some quirks and they’re not wrong, but if we were all the same it’d be pretty boring. Anyway one of these quirks is the inability to give up on a book once I have started reading it. Most people would probably read the first few chapters before giving up on a new book, sometimes even the first few pages can be enough to turn you off reading any further. My problem is that once I start reading a book I keep reading, even if I hate it! I have read books where I have honestly been begging for the monster/psycho/anything to kill the main characters just so the book can end. That probably sounds pretty harsh but seriously there are some pretty screwed up plots out there and sometimes you kinda just sit there thinking ‘what the hell’. Too often I keep going with a book thinking it can not honestly get any worse. Sometimes they do get better and I wind up enjoying the story; other times, not so much.

The only novel in the last few years that I have actually given up on was seriously strange. It was a paranormal/fantasy, the lead character was a half human, half fairy who was pregnant with twins. Then I got to the weird bit the babies were identical twins; with SIX fathers, six different men fathered TWO babies. The fathers were of mixed origins too they were mostly fairy’s but I think there was a human or two as well.  The plot was just WEIRD, I managed the first quarter before deciding my brain couldn’t take anymore.

Seriously though I’m guessing I can’t be the only one who does this. Sometimes it’s frustrating especially when I don’t empathise with the characters, Shan gets plenty of messages from me complaining about one book or another. But at the same time if it wasn’t for my quirks i would never have finished reading alot of books that I now love. Like I said without quirks life would be boring! 😀


Ryder’s Story: Chapter Nine

19 Jun

Chapter Nine


She did not return that night as she had promised and I couldn’t help but feel that I may have trusted her too easily. It would not have been difficult to relay what we had spoken about back to the king; though I could not see that it would make my situation any worse, nor could I see what she would have possibly gained. My mistrust was warranted, not because she had betrayed me, no, I would come to learn that Evangeline had a hand in almost everything,  and she never took interest or action in a situation that would not directly affect her. My role in her grand scheme did not become evident until almost four hundred years later, and by the time it did, it was too late to do anything other than play my part.


By the time darkness fell the next night I had all but given up hope of rescue. I was not the type of person to await rescue; the fact was I had no other options proved how dire my situation was. I had actually started to contemplate digging myself out when the sound of footsteps broke the silence; I detected at least three different presences before Evangeline came into view. She was wearing a dress of silk that was far too revealing for the time. Seeing that much skin on display threw me for a loop and once again I was unable to anything other than stare. The dress was long and flowed around her body like a waterfall of silk. It was as white as the winter’s snow, but the tight, very low cut, halter bodice was incrusted with jewels, so red that they had to have been made from crystalized blood. Her dark hair flowed around her shoulders in stark contrast to anything else on her body. The sound of a guttural growl pulled me from my stupor and for the first time, I noticed her companions.


Two huge, fully transformed werewolves stood, snarling behind her. They stood well above her tall frame, and would absolutely tower over me. Their slobbery jowls were pulled back over razor sharp, white fangs and their eyes were a glowing red.  I had never seen wolves of their size before, and surprisingly they were not mindlessly attacking anything. The one I was stupidly staring at snapped it jaws at me, it’s lips curling as it growled. Evangeline reached out and stroked its face gently and made a soothing noise.


“Now, now, Richard, calm yourself. Ryder is a friend”. The wolf looked to her with what could almost be intelligence on its face and I was blown away. My brain could not comprehend what I was seeing. Werewolves were mindless killing machines, when turned they hunted in packs and apart from the pack mentality, there was nothing to indicate a werewolf was even aware of what occurred during a full moon. From what I knew once bitten a werewolf was cursed for life. They could only transform on a full moon and they were vicious and nasty; this one seemed to be both but at the same time it was also distinctly human. The two werewolves standing in front of me were clearly alpha’s, wolves that had fought and killed to become the leader of the pack they ran with. A wolf only got the red eyes after they had been a wolf long enough to become an alpha. That I also found interesting because usually an alpha, even when in human form, came across another the urge to fight was almost irresistible. The wolf stepped forward, its skin shimmering and its bones cracking as it shrunk into human form. I stumbled backwards in surprise as he straightened and stood stark naked in front of the bars red irises studying me, from behind its glare I had never seen a werewolf transform so fast before, or of its own free will.


“A friend, hmmm. He must be something alright to have rivalled up Issas as he has.” He said his voice becoming more human with every word. He sniffed the air. “Is that wolf blood?”


“Yes, Ryder is quite skilled at killing things.” Said Evangeline happily as she walked to the now human’s side.


“Is he just, well I’d like the chance to test that,” he said in a deep voice. His accent told me his native language was Erse, which is more commonly known now as Gaelic.


“The two of you can fight it out until your hearts are content, but that will only be if we get Ryder out of his cage,” said Evangeline somewhat impatiently. The wolf/man gave a curt nod and reached for the bars. Instantly my instincts told me to inform him that they were silver, therefore toxic to his kind, but before any such warning could be uttered, he had grasped the bars and was pulling them apart. This as well was amazing, werewolves did not have that kind of strength, well none that I had ever heard of.


“Excellent work Richard. Paul did you have a present for our newest companion?” she said turning to the other wolf. He nodded and stepped forward, my sword clutched in its meaty clawed paws. It held it out me, the fact it was silver didn’t seem to faze it. I took the sword and gave a nod of thanks, before I slung it onto my back. Richard smiled darkly at me then cried out in pain. The snap and pop of his bones braking, his joints dislocating was sickening; but it was over quickly and once more Richard was a big snarling beast.


“How does he do that?” I asked looking to Evangeline. The hunter in me was intrigued, though primarily our role was to kill, it was also to gather and document information. Both Richard and Paul were unlike any other werewolf I’d ever heard of, and that in equal parts worried and excited me.


“There will be time for that later, but first we must get out of here. I hope you don’t mind but it’s not going to be easy,” she said with a small smile. The wolves growled in anticipation. I looked between them then to her and smiled drawing my sword.


“The fun things never are love,”


It took over an hour to escape the coven, though I remember less than twenty minutes of it. As much as I would like to say otherwise, Skyler was right, I was a monster. All the blood and the fighting triggered some primal part in my brain and I reverted into predator mode. Though I remember fighting, and I remember leaving the coven blood soaked and raring for more, the exact details eluded me. It was like I had to re call it through a haze, but I knew it was bad. I awoke the next morning feeling like I never had before; I was pumped and truly happy for the first time seventy years. I would come to learn that the feeling was what my kind called blood lust but right then it just felt good to feel so alive.  I closed my eyes and just laid there for a moment. The bed was comfortable, I had no clue where I was but it didn’t bother me nearly as much as it should. The smell of baking bread and cooking meat filled the house and for just a moment I could pretend I was home again.


“Are you going to spend all day in bed?” the voice was angelic but not the one I longed to hear, I opened an eye to look at Evangeline. She was wearing another of her inappropriately tight, revealing dresses. I sighed, “Do not get me wrong, you are a guest and I would not wish for you to do anything other than what you want, but my boys are getting antsy, they wish to properly meet you.”


I sat up and the silk sheets fell away from my bare chest, I made no move to cover it; modesty was the last thing on my mind these days. I gave her an appraising look which she returned, and smiled.


“I guess I owe you a great thanks m’lady, if it weren’t for you I would still be rotting in a cell,” I said and she shrugged.


“I’m sure we can find a way for you to repay me,” she said with a wink and sauntered from the room. I found myself smiling. She was truly the first vampire I had come across that I didn’t utterly despise, though she was also the only vampire I’d come across as a free man as well.  I dragged myself to my feet and dressed. There was a clean set of clothes at the end of the bed that strangely enough fitted as if they had been made for me. The sound of an infant crying snapped my attention to the door. Without thinking about it I ran to see where it was coming from. I stopped at the door of a nursery, the room was filled with toys and I couldn’t help wishing I had been able to give my girls a room like this. I stared at the cot as I slowly moved closer. Anger boiled with in me at the thought of this helpless child, it must have been taken from its family. The thought of a child being used as some kind of sadistic vampiric joke sickened me. I stopped next to the cot, staring down at the baby; it stopped crying and stared back. Out of instinct I reached down and picked up the baby, cradling him to my chest. I could hear his heart beating steadily as he looked up at me with big brown eyes. Despite that, I got the distinct feeling that he was not human. His eyes were bright and if I didn’t know better I would have sworn he was a vampire.


“What are you, little man?” I whispered in a soft voice. The baby giggled and cooed happily, as I bounced him in my arms.


“I bet you were a father once,” said Evangeline from behind me. The baby closed. Careful not to jostle him I turned to face her.


“I had two girls, I spent plenty of nights doing this,” I replied and she nodded and walked in.


“His name is Dexter, he’s seven years old,” I stared at her then looked back down to the sleeping baby in my arms. He only looked to be a few months at most.


“That is impossible,” I replied and she shook her head reaching out to stroke the baby’s cheek.


“No, he’s a pure blood, he does not age as humans do,” she said.


“A living vampire!” I exclaimed careful to keep my voice low. She nodded; her voice was serene as she replied.


“Yes, we live for a while, long enough to grow. Dexter here will have quite the unusual life,”


“Pure bloods. The royals, you are all pure bloods,” I said it wasn’t a question, I was finally catching on to who Evangeline actually was. She was a pureblood vampire, and her brother was the one that had incarcerated me.  I set the now sleeping baby back in his cot and backed away. The more I learnt about this strange woman, the more confusing she became. She reached out and took my hand in hers. Her skin was so soft; I believed she would give Dexter a run for his money.


“Come now Ryder, breakfast is ready,”


She dragged me through the huge house; it was truly more of a castle. Elegant and old and the only other place I had ever seen like it was the Royal Castle back home. I was not surprised, royal vampires had ways of getting everything that they wanted. The two wolves were now in human form, both sitting at the table having breakfast. I realised, now that I could see both of them, that they looked very similar. Paul was younger; I would guess late teens to early twenties, while Richard was closer to my physical age. They were both tall and well built, with pale red hair. Richard looked up at me and smiled. His teeth as white as his fangs in wolf form had been. He did not seem nearly as irritated this morning but I kept my distance. I was unarmed, and I was pretty sure the two wolves would give me a hard time. If they didn’t just kill me straight out. Richard stood; his towering height had to be close to six foot seven. He held out a hand, offering me a smile.


“Come now leach, we are all friends here, no hard feelings. If those wolves let themselves be killed by a tiny thing like you, then they deserved it,” he said and I frowned. I was far from what any normal human would call tiny. True, I was not excessively tall, only about five foot nine, average height for a man of my age; I liked to think I had a fairly muscular build. Though, anyone would seem tiny when compared to the two hulking werewolves. I took his hand, his grip was crushing and I had to resist the urge to wince. He was much stronger than I was. “I’m Dick, this is my brother Paul,”


“Ryder Kingston,” I replied as he stepped away.


“You’re not one for conversation are you?”  He said walking back to the table to finish whatever it was he had been eating.  I shrugged shaking my head.


“Depends on my mood,” I replied following his lead and sitting at the table. Paul gave me a small nod but didn’t speak. I looked back to Richard. “You brother, does not seem one for conversation either,”


“Paul? Yeah Paul doesn’t speak; he just never has, not since we were kids. But don’t let that sway you. Paul’s a good kid and he has his own way of communicating.” I nodded


“Well it’s a pleasure I’m sure, but what in hell’s name are you?” I said jumping right to the point. The big wolf smiled a toothy smile.


“We are two of a kind leach, that’s all you need to know,” I nodded, as weird as things were I tended not to argue facts. Evangeline was a pure blood, she had a vampire baby and mutant werewolf lackeys. Those were the facts, things were strange but I’d not been raise to be normal, no matter how much I wished I had.