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30 Jul

just a quick apology post guys,
sorry to my small, but faithful audience of ryder’s story, i’m sad to say that ryder’s adventure this week will be late, due to my really really busy week last week ( and this week so far!) i didn’t get a chance to finish a chapter. i should have it up by the end of the week, if not i promise i will post two chapters next week and i’ll even leave it open to suggestions, on what you would like to see happen to our hero next!

sorry again



Ryder’s Story: Chapter Fourteen

23 Jul

Chapter Fourteen

As soon as we reached the out skirts of the village Eldrin took my side, I don’t know why I had expected any different. I wanted to snap at him, and scold him for being so foolish. I’d told him to stay put, though I should have realised that he wouldn’t. I glared at him, he gave me a small smile and shrugged, as if to say ‘what can you do?’ we’d already been noticed so we couldn’t exactly turn back, the boy was just going to have to come with us. I hoped I would not come to regret it.


“Stop,” a booming voice commanded and Eldrin and I halted instantly. Richard and Paul followed suit stopping behind us. A group of armoured and heavily armed elves stepped out of the trees to surround us. Swords, bows and all manner of weapons were pointed at us from every angle. A dark haired, violet eyed elf stepped forward. “State your business,” again our general lack of planning was going to hinder us. To say we were merely passing through might get us killed; besides I wanted to get close to Veeck, to see what I was up against. Thinking quickly, I formed what I believed was a convincing lie.


“I am seeking the assistance of the one they call Veeck, I have a vampire problem,” I said the man turned and whispered something to another behind him, the second man walked off.


“Veeck is not a shaman mutant; he is not required to fix anyone’s problems. We have enough of our own to worry about,” he said and I got the distinct impression that he didn’t like me very much, which I was ok with; he didn’t leave the best first impression either.


“I never assumed he was,” I said coolly. The other man returned and whispered something that sound like, “Veeck wants to see him,” and backed away. The elf frowned at me in distaste, motioning for the others to part ways and ley us through.


“You will leave your guards here,” he said looking to the two wolves. I actually laughed before I could stop myself. The thought of the two wolves acting as my guards was highly amusing to say the least. Their echoing growls told me that they didn’t find it amusing at all. Maybe just because I was in a bit of a bad mood I decided to play along, knowing full well Richard was not going to like it.


“Very well, guards stay,” I said before taking a step forward and nodding toward the elves. I heard their low growls, followed by a musical laugh. Eldrin stepped forward, still chuckling and I shot him a disproving look.


“Stay with the wolves,” I ordered and he shook his head.


“I don’t have to listen to you, these are my people after all,” he said very quietly with a wicked grin. I sighed shaking my head.


“If you do not start listening to me I may just leave you with then,” I said as the guard led us further into the village. He shrugged and looked around. I could see the fear in his eyes despite how cool he was acting.


“I’m going to end up here anyway,” he muttered though he didn’t sound convinced of that fact. I didn’t respond, having the boy end up here was the lesser of the two evils. I didn’t know much about these people but at least they didn’t look at him like he was a monster. In fact they completely ignored the boy. We were led to a small house on the far side of the village. The house was bigger than most of the others we’d passed but it was still rather small. The guard knocked on the door and waited. It was very informal, seeing as I guessed this Veeck was their leader. The door opened with a flourish and the man who stood in the door way was not at all what I’d expected. He seemed normal, well for an elf anyways. The resemblance to both Garryn and Eldrin was remarkable; it would be impossible to argue that they were not related. The elf was older, though he looked only just older than Garryn confirming my theory that these strange creatures aged differently than humans. He was tall and had a much bigger build than any other elf I’d seen. His build was closer to my own and he was still very tall, making him a very imposing man. He smiled as he studied me, his expression was not unkind, nor was his stare cold. The longer I looked at him the harder it became to see him as this great evil I was sent to destroy. His gaze moved to Eldrin and his eyes widened.  He knelt to the boy’s height and I reacted instantly stepping in front of Eldrin protectively.  Veeck waved a hand at me, his magic sparked silver and without even wanting to I moved out of the way. I tried to fight the magic that washed over me as I stood to the side and let Veeck study Eldrin, but I couldn’t.


“We I’ll be,” he said in a musical voice. It was not as deep as Garryn’s or even as I suspected Eldrin’s would one day be; but still had an air of regality to it.  “You my dear grandson must be the bane of your father’s existence.” He said with a broad smile on his face.


“No my father loves me, I will be king,” said Eldrin squaring his shoulders. My fingers twitched at the hilt of my sword but I couldn’t move to grasp it.


“You really believe that don’t you my poor boy. My son could not love you Eldrin, because you must remind him of me. Before my exile I told your father that you had great power in you, had I only known then that you would be one of us, I might have worked much harder than I did, to rescue my kind from the likes of him.” Eldrin sneered at him.


“I am not your kind, I am nothing like you. I will never turn against my father or my people. I will gladly die to prove to them that I am not like you!” he snarled, Veeck’s gaze drifted to me.


“You say you are not like me but you have with you your very own abomination. Did you create this yourself? It is very good work, though you should have used elven blood as I did, humans are fragile, stubborn, violent creatures. I would have also picked someone with a weaker will than this one, he fights much too hard to be considered controllable. Unless of course he was created to be a warrior then he was a very good choice indeed.” He said.


“I did not create him, you did! Your monsters created him, when they were let loose on human kind. Ryder is my friend and you need to let him go!” he growled his hands sparking gold. Some of the hold I felt over me broke and my hand wrapped around the swords hilt. I still couldn’t bring myself to draw it and strike as I wanted. This compulsion was harder to fight than any I’d faced before, but still I fought it. Veeck laughed manically,


“Gold. You are an anomaly, does your father fear you golden touch my boy,” Eldrin sneered but didn’t answer. He stood and turned to face me. I felt the hold over me release and my body crumpled to the ground. A deep seeded exhaustion washed over me. I had fought so hard to break the magic when it released I was left with nothing. I pulled myself to my knees as Eldrin dove to my side putting a small hand on my shoulder. He turned my face to look at him and I tried to give him a reassuring smile but I guess I was unsuccessful.


“What have you done to him?,” growled Eldrin through gritted teeth.


“I have done nothing to him, it is just what happens, he will recover quickly,” said Veeck. I felt my strength returning bit by bit.


“I’m fine Eldrin,” I managed to croak out with all too much effort.


“Ryder, we should leave, he will hurt you,” he whispered in my ear.


“Oh no Eldrin, in fact I owe him a great debt, he brought you to me. Your parents may have poisoned you against me, but I still love you and your siblings very much. I would have given anything for this chance and I intend to. The other elf reached down and hauled me to my feet with little effort. He draped one of my arms over his shoulder and turned to Eldrin. “Come now boy, we have much to discuss.”


By the time I had regained enough strength to move, I was already seated in an arm chair in the small house. I rolled my shoulders as the movement came back and shifted into a deceptive position. While to most I would appear relaxed, I was in the prime position to spring into action if needed. After all we were in hostile territory. Eldrin sat cross legged on the floor by my feet seemingly unwilling to leave my side despite the coaxing of his grandfather. I gave Eldrin a small nudge with my foot while the elf was fixing something on a table on the other side of the room and mouthed, ‘be ready to run’ when he looked up at me. Eldrin nodded imperceptibly, I was glad he was going to listen for once. The other elf returned and handed the both of us a glass full of sticky pink liquid. It smelt sickly sweet and I put the glass down on the small table next to my chair but gave a small nod of thanks.


“So they tell me you have vampire troubles, vampire,” he said with an almost amused voice. I nodded. More trouble than he could possibly imagine.


“Yes,” I said curtly and he sat down in the chair opposite me to my left. I inwardly cursed, that wasn’t my good side, though I knew I could manage.


“I’m guess you are not talking about the mutant human vampires like yourself?” he said and there it was, again with the mutant thing.


“No. I am talking about Issas,” the name left my mouth before I meant it to. The opportunistic part of my brain wanted to see if it was possible to get rid of Issas if given the chance. No one got to get away with beating me senseless. Though it was a bad idea, if there was a chance I could rid the world of that monster, I was going to take it.


“Issas, have you made an enemy of him friend?” I shrugged,


“Let us just say there won’t be any love lost between the two of us if he were to suddenly find himself less than alive,” I replied and the elf chuckled.


“You remind me of him, you know, Issas was always willing to go above and beyond to get what he wanted. He cared little of how he obtained it only that he did, I guess the human world has not changed him much?”


“I am nothing like him,” I growled and the elf raised an eyebrow.


“But you are of his blood are you not,” he asked with a knowing smile, my patience was wearing thin, if I could find a way to kill Issas I could go home, as soon as I had it and leave the elves to their own problems.


“Can I kill him or not?” I growled and he nodded.


“You? No not alone. I could kill him, Eldrin could, a greater demon perhaps, or even an angelic one, but you alone, never. I made my creations to be sturdy, not unkillable. That would have been very unwise, seeing as after all they indeed turned on their masters, before we were all exiled.” Eldrin scoffed.


“Lies, you turned them on innocent people, they didn’t do that on their own!” snapped Eldrin, the other elf laughed.


“Is that what they told you grandson? Ask your friend if he believes that the vampires he knows would turn on a race that were trying to confine them” he said and they both turned to me. I couldn’t answer that, no in fact I wouldn’t. I had no doubt that the originals would turn on anyone they felt was in their way, they had even sent me here to put an end to those who could still control them.  My testimony to such would support Veeck’s story and in all truthfulness I didn’t know what had happened to get them exiled to my realm, I only knew they were there now and Veeck could be the one to fix that. If he couldn’t then I’d continue my endeavour to kill him, make a home in this realm and never return anywhere the originals could touch me.


“I don’t have access to that kind of magic, what I want to know is if you can get it for me? Construct me a weapon maybe, some kind of spell or potion that would allow me to kill him,” I replied ignoring the question completely. He looked amused at the fact I had skirted the question but Eldrin looked annoyed. I wouldn’t be the one to put doubt in his mind.


“I can, but why would I?” he asked and I did something I seldom did in those days, I told the truth.


“Because it’s in both of our best interests if he was dead,” he gave me a puzzled look but didn’t speak, so I continued. “I was sent here to kill you, on his orders” the elf laughed like that was the most ridiculous thing he’d ever heard. Eldrin stared at me wide eyed, in stunned silence.


“Why tell me this, in fact why walk right up to me in the middle of my village, where you are outnumbered and out matched?” he said with clear amusement.


“Because I never planned on killing you, it was my life in place of yours, but you have done nothing to me and I hate Issas. He thought he could use me and I would just play along like the rest of his minions, but he though wrong. I’m not a stupid man, I know I have no hope of killing you, likewise I have no hope of killing him, but if I fail in either task he will send others to replace me, maybe more capable people than I. It will not end with me Veeck, and I suspect you know Issas well enough to know that. So I guess you have a choice, you can kill me send my ashes back to Issas as a message, one that will cause him little sleep loss because I’m as good as dead anyway, or you can help me and I’ll stop him once and for all.” I said leaning forward in my chair. My voice was cold and I had not truly realised how much I wanted the chance to kill Issas until this opportunity presented itself to me. Veeck sat back in his chair and steepled his long fingers in front of his mouth. His skin did not have the bluish tinges that any of the light elves, or even Eldrin had. It was more yellow, closer to human flesh. His violet eyes, looked like bottomless pits as he studied me, clearly thinking over what he should do with this information. If he thought I was lying I would die and I just hoped Eldrin was resourceful enough to make his escape. I didn’t think Veeck would hurt him, but his capture would start the war I had originally hoped for. After a long moment, neither of us breaking our gazes Veeck sat forward.


“It was either very brave or very foolish for you to have come here, Ryder. Much more so to tell me what you did,” he paused and got to his feet. He leaned over and took my untouched glass and brought to his lips as he sat down. “But you are clearly both a very brave and foolish man,” he finished. I sat back and shrugged.


“I have nothing to lose,” I replied


“And that makes you dangerous. I admire bravery, Ryder, so I will make you your weapon.” He said and I stared at him almost shocked, part of me had not believed that would work and apparently that part was the part that had me talking.


“Thank you,” I replied and he nodded.


“I am under no illusion you are an ally vampire, but I do not see you as an enemy, even if you do owe your loyalty to my son,”


“Your son, took me in, showed me hospitality, when I had nothing else. I will repay him as needed but his fight is not mine. I will not take arms against you unless I have no other choice, as I will not take arms against him. As foolish as it is Veeck, do not force my hand because I will not hesitate to become an enemy.” I warned knowing how empty my threats really were as soon as I made them. Veeck smiled and though his smile could never be called warm, it was not unkind, and he spoke.


“Had you not been a vampire Ryder, you might have been a worthy adversary,” I returned his smile but mine held no warmth.


“The weapon?”


“You will get your weapon, but I will need time to construct it,” he said and I nodded.


“How long?”


“Two moons should suffice, return then and I will have for you your weapon,” I stood motioning for Eldrin to do the same. He glared at me but done as he was told.


“Very well,” I agreed and made for the door. I heard a lighter set of foot steps behind me and I knew that Eldrin was following.


“And bring the boy when you come,” I paused and turned to look back at him.


“Why?” I asked

“Do I need a reason to want to see my family?” I gave him a hard stare and looked to Eldrin who looked away clearly annoyed with me.


“That is his decision, not mine,” and with that I kept walking. No one hindered our retreat and the wolves snarled at me as they fell into step behind us. We left and didn’t stop again until we were well into Garryn’s territory. Just before the tree line Eldrin darted in front of me. He had been stewing the entire way back to the city and I’d known it would only be a matter of time before he confronted me.


“You lied to us!” he snapped cold hatred in his eyes, it actually hurt to see that, it had not been my intention to make him hate me.


“I did not lie Eldrin, I just withheld the truth, I am exiled until I kill Veeck,”


“How is that any different from lying? Besides I heard you say you weren’t going to kill him.” he snapped and it was Richard’s turn to confront me.


“You what?!” he growled taking Eldrin’s side.


“We need his help,” I tried to explain. Eldrin held a glowing hand to the wolf’s arm and he collapsed to the ground.


“What if I said I could help you, that I could protect you, would you reconsider?” snapped Eldrin and I stared at him in surprise.


“Eldrin I…”

“Yes or no Ryder,”


“How?” I asked,


“I have means that he does not, being an outcast of both races has it’s advantages. I can protect you from his magic, even the odds and I can get you that weapon but you have to promise me in two days’ time, you’ll drive your sword through his heart and bring me his head,” I stared at the young boy, more than shocked to hear him say that.




“Please Ryder, had I known I would have asked earlier. This will help me show my father that I am not like Veeck, that I am on his side. It could save me Ryder, I will not die because of something that I had no say in.  I lied before, I’m not ok with it, I’m scared and I have to prove to my people I am one of them, show them I…” I knelt in front of him, putting my hands on his shoulders. Tears ran trails down his cheeks and he averted his gaze. A now human Richard was getting to his feet, he looked almost as shocked as I was, and he was all for killing Veeck.


“I will not let any harm come to you Eldrin, you do not need to go to such lengths. If I truly though it was what you desired Eldrin I would not hesitate, but that will not help you. You cannot fight bloodshed with bloodshed, because that will accomplish nothing, trust me, I know.” The boy sobbed and leant his head to my chest. I put an arm around him holding him close.


“What do you care, you won’t even be here,” he said his voice muffled by my shoulder.  “I won’t be like him Ryder, he might be able to fool you with his lies, but I won’t,” I shushed him and his body shook in my arms. I had no idea how scared he was until that moment. How could his own family make him feel like this, instil him with such fear?   I stroked his hair as I glanced at the two wolves both watching me with sad eyes.


“No, I won’t be, but neither will you. When I go Eldrin you’re coming with me,” I said softly and the boy pulled away. He stared at me with wide tear stained eyes.


“What?” he asked and I fixed him with a serious look. Elf or not he was still only a boy and I wouldn’t leave him like this. He didn’t want to be what they were turning him into. By staying here he’d become what he feared and I couldn’t stand the thought of that.


“I won’t let anything happen to you Eldrin, I swear,” the boy hugged me again. I knew it wasn’t the right thing to do but as soon as we got back into that city Garryn and I were going to have a nice long chat. I didn’t think he would like what I had to say.

Ryder’s story: Chapter Thirteen

16 Jul

Chapter Thirteen


The huge werewolf tipped its head, then growled,


“Where have you been?” he snarled


“Me?!” I exclaimed and he nodded. His voice was distorted, almost inhuman. I stared at him, wondering why they weren’t shifting back and how he could speak while in wolf form. “ I have been in the elven city” I replied carefully, I had to watch my words.  The wolf stepped forward and Eldrin made a small noise of fear and his hand fell away, I knew he’d moved back. Richard stopped, noticing the boy; he studied him and then growled deeply.


“He is one of them!” he snarled and I frowned,


“Eldrin has nothing to do with this,” as I said it, I could see the faint gold glow by my feet and his all-consuming magic washed over me. I wasn’t sure he realised he was doing it, so I looked over my shoulder before scolding him. “Stop that,” Eldrin closed his fist quickly and the magic stopped. He muttered an apology.


“Why are you protecting him Ryder?” growled Richard and my retort was just as savage.


“Because he is only a boy, he has nothing to do with this!”


“To do with what?” asked Eldrin,


“Nothing,” I replied quickly,


“We are wasting time” growled Richard “come we must get this over with,”


“Why don’t the two of you just shift and come into the city, I have this under control.”


“Because they can’t,” it was Eldrin who spoke, as he stepped forward, “they do not have the power here.” Eldrin moved closer, his hand glowing gold. The wolves snarled and I moved quickly to block his path. If Paul or Richard felt threatened, they would not hesitate to kill him. They may have been civilized as wolves could be, but they were still wolves.


“Stay back,” I warned.


“No. Move,” he spoke quietly but his voice ripped through me like a compulsion. I stepped out of the way without wanting to. I shook off the dazed feeling and stared after him. How had he done that?


“Do not hurt him,” I called, as Eldrin reached out to touch Richard’s arm and for the briefest of moments I wasn’t entirely sure who I was speaking to. Eldrin’s hand glowed brighter for a matter of seconds before he pulled it away. Richard howled in pain dropping to his knees. Paul snarled, lunging for Eldrin. Without thinking I dove into his path, tackling the wolf.  I could see the betrayal in his eyes as we crashed to the ground and he snarled again.


“Paul” croaked Richard and both our gazes shot to him. He was still on his knees and he was shaking, but he was human again. He got to his feet. Hulking frame bare and shaking, like his body couldn’t support his own weight. Eldrin’s eye widened briefly and he blushed deeply before looking away from the other man. Richard was quick to cover up using his hands, I was grateful.


“Thank you,” he said looking at the boy who was still averting his gaze.


“You’re welcome wolf,” he replied shyly.


“Can you fix Paul?” he asked and Eldrin nodded.


“I did not fix you. I’m afraid it is only temporary, if you wish to stay in your human form I will have to recharge the enchantment every few hours,” he said, only looking up when he had his back to the other man. Eldrin raised a hand to Paul’s arm. Paul growled as he touched him, soon he too dropped to his knees with howl. His body shimmered and shrunk, back to human size. The young elf blushed again, as Paul stood up and gave him a small nod of thanks.


“Will your father allow them into the village?” I asked and he nodded.


“As long as he does not know they are wolves. Their kind dose not have a good standing with mine. The enchantment I placed on them will block it for a short time, but they will need either find me or leave pretty quickly if they feel it waning, we must make sure no one sees them shift.”. Richard nodded and we turned back toward the city, he seized my arm as we began to walk. Paul and the young elf continued on without us, not seeming to notice.


“We found the other camp, they ran us off before we could get a good look but they were all dark elves, Veeck must be there,” he said in a hushed tone. I nodded.


“We will head out at first light. If I can shake the boy, he is very crafty,” I replied.


“Do not trust him Ryder, he has a great darkness in him,” he said, voice serious.


“I know,” I agreed and the two of us continued toward the city gates.


I’d originally thought my half naked state had caused quite a scene when I had first arrived. But this time, when we entered the city, elves actually left their homes to see the two huge, naked werewolves. Paul had turned a bright shade of scarlet as we walked at a brisk pace toward the castle. Richard on the other hand, as he did with most things strolled along with an air of pride. He mentioned it wasn’t the first time that their condition had left them to stroll through a town naked. I figured it would be one of those things that you just wouldn’t get used to, but it might just be that I had a better sense of modesty than the wolf.  Our entrance into the castle was no different. Torilli gave a small shriek, as she exited a room, before reaching out to cover Areonia’s eyes. She growled her son’s name, telling him to come to her this instant, but Eldrin just gave a small shrug and said he was taking us to see his father. I wondered how we were going to explain two naked men strolling into his home uninvited, or even how they came to be that way in the first place. Thankfully, Eldrin saved us the trouble. He knocked on the door to what appeared to be an office, Garryn’s eyes widened in shock as he turned around.


“Eldrin, what is the meaning of this?” he asked disapprovingly. The he did not seem nearly as shocked as I would have expected that his son had shown up to his office with two naked men, which worried me. Eldrin was clearly not the best behaved child, that was evident even in the little time I’d spent with him but I found it hard to believe his father could accept this as another antic.


“Ryder and I found these two in the forest. Ryder says they are his friends, he had not expected them here.” said Eldrin, Garryn looked to me for conformation. What Eldrin had said wasn’t really a lie but I was impressed that they boy was even bothering at all. After all, he did not owe us anything.


“It’s true, they were friends of mine before I was out cast, I fear it must be my fault they were sent here,” I said and Garryn nodded.


“Well, I’m sorry for your misfortune, we are hospitable people, as with your friend you are welcome here until you are back on your feet,” he said, both Richard and Paul looked at him puzzled, it was Eldrin who responded.


“Father said you are welcome here,” he explained to the two wolves and Garryn looked at his son perplexed, but didn’t comment. I guess Eldrin’s knowledge of English was not common place.


“Thank you” said Richard with a small nod of his head. Eldrin repeated it but his word had the magic correction that I was starting to get used to. I guess I was the only one magically cursed with the gift of the elven language.


“Eldrin show our guests to the other guest room, and fetch them something to wear,” Eldrin nodded and motioned for us to follow. I thanked Garryn again and followed after them not really sure what else to do.


“You speak their language?” asked Richard as we walked toward the stairs. To save the time it would take to explain the curse I nodded in agreement. Truth be told, I was actually starting to pick up a few words, I was pretty sure I could speak a few sentences without magical assistance, so depending on the length of our stay, that statement may be true one day.  I headed back to the room I’d been given. I had no desire to sleep but I knew that I needed to rest all the same, seeing as we were off to search for Veeck at first light.


There was a soft knock at my door before the sun had broken the horizon, I was already up and waiting. I walked to the door and pulled it open. A belt halter already equipped with my sword was thrust into my hand and I stared at it. The familiar weight of it was surprisingly reassuring. Without hesitation I fastened the belt around my waist and tip of the scabbard crashed against my calf almost longingly. I looked up at Richard who gave me a small smile and said only that we needed to leave. The pained look on both of the wolves’ faces told me that Eldrin’s magic was wearing off and neither of them was planning on getting it renewed just yet.  No one batted an eye lid as we made our way to the gate, the city was already busy and it would have been impossible for us to have hidden out presence, so we didn’t even bother trying. As soon as we’d left the confines of the city and the gate had closed behind us, the two wolves thundered toward the trees. Their muffled screams turned into howls, one after the other and when I finally joined them in the shelter of the tree line, they were no longer men. The two enormous wolves stared at me as if awaiting orders, like I would have all the answers. Truth be told, I had no clue how we were going to do this. The three of us had all experienced the raw power of a dark elf and Eldrin was only a boy, common sense told us that we should expect a much greater power from Veeck. Evangeline had suggested acting as a double agent, gaining the trust of both groups and turn them against one another, the elves themselves completing the task I’d been assigned. That plan was sound enough, though I couldn’t find it in me to risk the lives of the elves that had shown such kindness since I’d arrived.


“Where is this other city?” I asked looking into the dense trees. It was dark in the forest and I was glad for my enhanced vision. I had never seen a forest so dense and void of light, even if it was barely day break. The biggest of the wolves, Richard, shrugged and spoke.


“I told you we’d found it, I didn’t say we could find it again,” he replied in a snarling, gravelly voice. I stared at him my temper flaring, I knew it was old prejudice but I always had less patience for the two, when they looked like the wolves they were.


“Was my presence meant to spark your memory”, I asked unkindly and the wolf shrugged.


“I thought we could just search,” he said, I frowned. The sound of a stick breaking behind us made the three of us jump. We all went on the offensive, only to relax as my young elven tail stepped out from behind the trees. He must have been following us since we left the castle. I will give the boy one thing he sure was quiet.


“I know,” he said quietly looking bashful about having blown his cover.


“Were you following us?” I asked already knowing the answer. He nodded but answered to the contrary.




“You are not a very good liar lad,” growled Richard and Eldrin shrugged.


“Are we going to stand here all day discussing my espionage skills or am I going to show to you the other city,” he queried stubbornly.


“Absolutely not,” I answered, at the same time as the wolf said


“Lead the way,” Eldrin looked amused as he crossed his arms over his chest. I looked to Richard and frowned. In return he snarled but neither of us said a word, though the argument was clear. Neither of us wanted to openly voice our objections to the other but I knew standing there glaring at the wolf would get us nowhere. I sighed and nodded.


“Fine, but if anything should happen Eldrin you are to run,” Eldrin nodded,


“Oh trust me, I will,” he said with absolutely no shame in his voice. I nodded, I had a feeling he was lying and despite his feigned cowardice, when confronted with the two huge werewolves yesterday he hadn’t run like any normal person would have. Though he’d been content to stand behind me, he could have just as easily taken off, as I might have at his age in that position. Though I knew very little about the boy so I could hardly predict or explain his actions. He led us through the trees effortlessly, it was as I walked behind him I noticed for the first time that he had a bow and a quiver of arrows, slung one over each shoulder. I picked up my pace and fell into step with him. I nudged the bow over his shoulder.


“Can you use that thing?” I asked and he looked to me and then nodded toward my sword.


“Can you use that?” he asked and I gave him a puzzled look.


“Of course, why else would I carry it?” I replied and the corners of his mouth turned up in a small smile.


“Then why ask stupid questions?” I nodded, he wasn’t wrong it stood to reason that he would know how to use it if he bothered to carry it. I heard the wolves behind us snicker and I frowned, ignoring them.


“Were you really following us,” I asked. Eldrin shook his head.


“Not at first no, I was coming out here to hunt. It’s what I do when I want to be alone, I saw the three of you when you left the city, I was curious. I figured I could follow you without you knowing I was there. I had my bow if I ran into any trouble, I can handle myself, despite what you might think.” He said coolly glancing at me. I shrugged,


“I never claimed to think otherwise,” I replied and the boy laughed but it was filled with no amusement.


“You are easier to read than you think vampire, you just have to know what to look for. I’m very good at it. I might not revel in the thought of impending danger but that doesn’t mean I can’t handle it.” he said, his shoulders set stubbornly. In truth it wasn’t that I didn’t believe he could handle danger, because part of me suspected the boy could, if he had reason, be very dangerous. Though unjust I suspected the reaction others of his kind had to him wasn’t an overreaction. It was the fact that he was just a child that put me off. I’d been only a few years older than he was when I was thrown head first into danger, a small part of me hated that I might be doing that to another. I was so lost in my own thoughts that when Eldrin shoved me backwards and threw up a glowing hand, I was actually surprised. I stared at Eldrin and inches from his face was an arrow suspended in air by the gold sparks of his magic. Eldrin moved his hand to the side, frowning, as the arrow struck a tree lodging in the trunk. There was a deep laugh and someone dropped from a tree near us. He did not hit the ground as I expected, instead he hovered. Membranous wings the colour of a rainbow beat behind him. He was young, somewhere around Eldrin’s age. I had no clue what this creature was, but from general description I figured it must have been a fairy.  Either way it smelled amazing and I found myself staring at it longingly. He had black hair that was short and spiked around a silver crown. His clothes were strange though I couldn’t say the elves were any better. The boy had a more normal build to him. He was actually rather muscular. He too had a bow over his shoulder and I knew that was where the arrow, Eldrin had saved me from had come from .


“You are trespassing little prince,” he said in a language I did not know but still understood, thanks to the spell. He smiled as he crossed his arms over his chest. His teeth were fanglike and sharp, his dark, almost black eyes hid a maliciousness that his handsome face didn’t show.


“Who are you calling little prince, you over grown butterfly,” snapped Eldrin crossing his own arms over his chest. He looked annoyed as the other boy laughed.


“You are always such a pleasure to be around Eldrin, I count the days until I find you in my forest,” he said, cold smile not wavering.


“You nearly hurt my friend,” growled Eldrin waving a hand in my general direction, “You really think I’m going to be polite after that?” he asked, the other boy shrugged his broad shoulders.


“I knew you would stop it El, do you really think I would do something like that?” he asked his voice came out like a melody, everything he said was like a flowing river, it was dazzling though it seemed only the wolves and I were effected by its charms.


“Yes Drake. I do think you would do something like that, in fact, I know you would. You fae are all the same, so mischievous. You couldn’t care less if you hurt him,”


“Your right, I wouldn’t. You know me so very well elf.” He said still with a charming smile. Eldrin rolled his eyes.


“Unfortunately too well, now go away you’re annoying me,” said Eldrin. The boy removed the bow from his shoulder, his feet finally hitting the ground and he took a step forward.


“But it is mid moon, I thought we were to go hunting?” he said and for a second his voice had lost some of its entrancing qualities. I shook the haze from my head and stared at the boy that walked past me to stand in front of Eldrin.


“No, I was to go hunting; you were merely going to follow me as usual,” replied Eldrin in an annoyed voice.


“But I brought a bow” he said hopefully, holding up the bow with a small smile.


“I am not hunting today drake, I have something I need to do…” he trailed off when he met the other boys gaze and for the briefest of seconds I felt sorry for him. Despite the air of allure and confidence he tried to show he was clearly lonely and looking for a friend. Eldrin seemed to realise that he had hurt the other boy’s feelings and continued more kindly. “I will probably be hunting later today, seeing as I do not have the time now. I guess since you have a bow this time you are welcome to join me if you truly wish to hunt,” the other boy brightened almost imperceptibly.


“I do not know if I will be free but I will indeed try to make it,” he said all the charm back in his voice.


“Don’t strain yourself, I’m sure I’ll understand,” replied Eldrin softly but the other boy merely smiled. His wings beat silently and he lifted off the ground again. He put the bow back over his shoulder and gave Eldrin one last smile before he turned. “Oh and Drake!” Eldrin called after the boy who stopped and looked back at us. “You ever fire at my friends again and I will pull you wings off,” Drake’s face split into an almost terrifying smile. It was one of joy but the rows and sharp teeth made it seem worse than it was. The boys smile was charming until he opened his mouth.  He disappeared as fast as he’d appeared and Eldrin motioned for us to keep walking.


“I hate fairys” growled Richard and I nodded. I’d heard many tales about the beautiful creatures but now I had actually met one, I could see that they were not what they were made out to be. Well at least not always.


“A friend of yours?” I asked Eldrin, he frowned and shook his head.


“No, he’s the prince of the fae court, our fathers do business sometimes,” said Eldrin in an uncaring voice.


“He seems to think he’s your friend,” I remarked, but I was sure it was more than just that. Actually I had gotten the impression that the other boy had liked the elf, in a more than friendly way.


“Never trust a fairy Ryder, dark or light, neither can be trusted.” He said but there was a note to his voice that made me think that was exactly why he liked them. Even if he would not admit it.


We walked in mostly silence until we reached our destination. We hid in the bushes not far from the city, though I’d hardly think it classified as a city. It was more of a village. We watched for a while, checking for guards and danger but nothing became apparent. I turned to Eldrin and the wolves.


“Ok let’s go,” I said standing. I held up a hand to stop the boy. “Eldrin you stay here and keep watch, we will signal you should something go wrong,”


“No,” he said glaring at me in defiance.


“I need you to keep watch, please Eldrin?” I lied, my tone pleading. The boy slumped back to the ground and cursed in elven. The spell hadn’t picked it up but I knew that what it had been. He nodded begrudgingly and I motioned for the wolves to follow me.


Ryder’s Story: Chapter Twelve

9 Jul

Chapter Twelve


It turned out that the elf wasn’t exaggerating when he said it would be dangerous. Quite frankly, when I dragged myself from the forest on my hands and knees, bleeding from every pore, I think that his warning may have been an understatement. Thankfully I healed quickly, the acid like poison, deposited on my head by one of the many carnivorous plants had only burnt away the majority of my skin and most of my clothing; my pants were in no way unscathed but I still maintained my dignity, barely.  I had been separated from the two elves while  fighting my way through the forest, they emerged shortly after appearing untouched. Concern was clear on Torrili’s face when she saw me sprawled on the ground in a state of undress, Garryn looked amused.


“I told you to watch out for the Thoroweth. Why did you walk straight through them?” he asked, I decided then and there that I did not like him very much.


“What, in the name of all that is holy are Thoroweth!” I snapped getting to my feet. The burns on my all but naked torso were healing and I could see the two of them watching as the wounds closed. Frustrated, I reached up and ripped off what was left of my shirt. My agitation was clear but it didn’t seem to bother the two elves. I was grateful that my torso had taken the brunt of the poison, so my trousers weren’t in such a state, but now I was all but bald, scared and freezing my arse off. At first I thought I would like this place, seeing how human I’d felt upon arriving. I now saw how wrong I had been. I hated it here.


“You seem upset, does it hurt?” asked Torrili and I gave a dry laugh.


“Of course it bloody well hurts Tori. I just had my skin burnt off, by a plant!” I snapped without meaning to. She frowned.


“Come the city is just up ahead. We will get someone to tend your wounds, and find you some new clothes, maybe,” she gave me the once over. Sad to say I was not as tall as her husband, but I was almost three time his size. My muscular frame was in stark contrast to his lean one.  I couldn’t even imagine what the elves would think of the two hulking werewolves, were they to actually show up as planned.  I squared my shoulders knowing I was really going to stand out among the elves and sighed. So far this had not been my day. As I’d expected an almost naked vampire drew a lot of stares, even though many of the men were in the same state of undress as I was. Everyone stared as we passed; they were all tall, slender and had an unearthly quality that made them seem very beautiful, though it was clear some were not. Garryn walked ahead of us, greeting his people. I took in little of the city due to my agitation at him. Part of me thought he’d purposefully abandoned me in the damned forest because I’d been talking to Torrili most of the way to the city. I didn’t see why that was a problem, apparently she found me rather unappealing, so he had nothing to worry about, not from me anyway.


He led the way to an enchanting castle. It looked as though it had grown from the very ground on which it stood. It was very beautiful. The leaves on the tallest parts glittered gold and the white structure of the castle looked healthy and alive. Despite that, it resembled more of a castle than a plant, though I just knew it was both. The magic in the city was strong and I knew that at least some of residents could influence nature. The intricately carved doors opened into a foyer and I found myself lost for words. A crystal tree, grew like a chandelier from the roof and the light that glittered from it reflected a rainbow of colours around the large space, making it seem even more enchanting. The white and gold staircase that led to the next floor wound around the beautiful marvel of nature and was carved so beautifully. I was taken aback, as I tried to process what I saw. I had never seen anything so spectacular in my life. The floor was white marble that was flecked with glittering gold and almost seemed to glow spectacularly. Once again I found myself changing my mind about this place. I stood in the open foyer and looked around. I knew I must have looked foolish in my revelry but this place was beyond my imagination, beyond words really.


“Wow,” I so eloquently uttered as they led me towards the staircase. Everything I noticed looked to be alive, like it was part of the very structure it’s self which seemed impossible, yet here it was. Torrili pushed open a door and gestured for me to enter. It was a bed chamber. The colouring in this room was not standard white like the rest. It was green. The bed was wooden, again it seemed to be growing up from the ground, branches wound up the wall and a canopy of leaves acted as a curtain. The floor was soft; it looked exactly how you would expect a bedroom to look, it just happened to be exceptionally beautiful.  I looked around wondering how any of what I could see was possible.


“You can stay here with us Ryder. I do apologise for Garryn, he takes a while to warn up to new people, I’m sure he meant to warn you better about the Thoroweth,” her tone was genuine.  I nodded and looked around the room. I wasn’t so sure but I did not want to offend, not when they were willing to take me, a stranger to them, into their home.


“Thank you Tori,” I said with a small smile and she gave me a small bow.


“Rest up, Ryder. I will fetch you for supper,” I nodded before realising what she’d said.


“Oh, I do not…” was all I got out because with a knowing smile she cut me off.


“Oh, I know. Your kind did originate here, rest now. You need it,” she left the room closing the door behind her. The room was lit with tiny glowing orbs in dozens of colours. It looked like hundreds of oddly coloured glow bugs were flitting around the room. I reached out to touch one that flew too close and the little ball of light disappeared. It was magic. I walked to the bed and the leafy curtain pulled back for me. Though it was light out, the room was dark; the only illumination came from the glowing orbs. Despite having rested before my trip, I was tired. It felt like I had been going for days with no sleep and I knew that was because of the beating I had taken in the forest. I was worn out, hungry and just a little cross. It was probably better for everyone if I rested awhile. I was sore, though my wounds still healed like they had before, my body felt different. It reminded me of when I was alive and I wondered if it had anything to do with the magic I felt in this realm. It was the magic that gave my kind life. Could it make me feel more alive? Taking a seat on the bed I removed my boots. It was comfortable and I climbed under the covers. The bed did not smell like a normal bed, nor did it smell like a plant, it smelt fresh and relaxing. Not really like anything I could recall. It took less time than usual for me to relax and sleep found me easily.


“Should we touch him?” a small voice pulled me from sleep.


“Look at him, he’s so weird?” said another, this one was female.


“I dunno, I don’t think so, he is kind of cute in an odd way. I like him,” said the first voice, it was distinctly male. I opened my eyes and the two children standing by my bed screamed. I sat up quickly looking at the two children. The boy broke the silence.


“Greetings,” he said with a bright smile. They appeared to be at the oldest only in their early teens. I gave a small nod of greeting before I spoke.


“Hello,” I replied, somewhat confused. The two just stared at me. They were both tall for their apparent age and were clearly siblings. They both had light coloured hair almost a slivery blue in colour, the boys was slightly darker. Hers was more silver than coloured. Their eye colour was different as well. The boy had the silvery purple of his mothers and the girls were bluer. They were both dressed very nicely and I suddenly realised I on the other was barely dressed at all. I wondered if it would look strange if I pulled the covers up to my chin.  The girl elbowed the boy who seemed to be the only one willing to speak to me.


“I am prince Eldrin and this is my sister Princess Areoina, welcome to our city stranger,” he said with a bright smile. Areoina rolled her eyes and it took me a second to realise why I hadn’t felt magic running through my body as he spoke. His voice was not echoed because he wasn’t speaking elven. The young elf boy was speaking English.


“You can speak English” I replied shocked and he nodded.


“Not well, but I am learning,” he spoke slowly, like he had to think of every word before he said it. I concentrated attempting to reply in elven to take the strain off him. It made me wonder if any of the others could speak my language as well.


“You are very good,” I said though my words were still English.


“Negala!” he exclaimed with a bright smile, I stared at him puzzled. The burn from my arm had stopped and I looked down to the shimmering mark only to realise it was gone. The spell had worn off.


“I must apologise. I do not speak elven, I was under a spell and the magic, it seems have run out,” The small elf reached out to touch my arm and out of instinct I pulled it away. It didn’t seem proper to have a young boy touching me in my current state. Really it did not seem proper that they be here at all but I was trying very hard not to be rude. The boy looked perplexed by my actions then realisation dawned across his face.


“I was going to recharge it for you,” he explained and I just stared at him. “But I need to know how it works to recast it, may I?” he asked holding out his hands. His fingertips glowed gold, as much as I did not like the idea of having charms cast on me, I knew I could not remain here without it, lest I be forced to use the boy as a translator, which seemed tedious. I nodded, holding out my arm. He grasped my arm, one hand where the mark had been and closed his eyes. I could feel the probing magic, he smirked. “Whoever cast this did a lousy job,” he mused and I was impressed by how well he spoke. He had said he was only learning but he spoke English very well. Quickly the magic I felt changed and the cold controlling feel of it made me want to tear my arm away. I could feel it taking me over, consuming me, as if it was trying to control me. Watching the boy my eyes widened. Though he looked like the others of his kind, I knew just by the feel of his magic that he wasn’t. This was the son they’d mentioned earlier, and I knew now what had been worrying them. They had reason to be worried. The magic I felt coursing through me was dark. Very dark. The young girl, who’d been watching her brother cautiously, spoke. Part of me was not sure if I should be glad I understood her.


“Eldrin. Father said you are not to use your magic,” her voice was a hushed whisper, the boy tipped his head to the side and I knew he had rolled his eyes, even though they were closed. He pulled his hand away from my arm and smiled.


“There,” he said, this time in elven, “Can you understand me?” I nodded, his smile brightened before he turned to his sister. “See worked perfectly, nothing to worry about,”


“I’m still telling father,” she said softly and the boy sighed,


“I swear you live to get me in trouble,”


“Well if you did not strive to break all the rules Eldrin, then it would not be a problem,” he rolled his eyes and opened his mouth to reply but another voice interrupted.


“What are the two of you doing?” asked Garryn from the door. He didn’t look to happy, both children jumped and averted there gazes.


“Fetching our guest?” Eldrin was the first to look up.


“Father,” the girl said softly, Eldrin shot his sister a look. “Eldrin used his magic on our guest, I told him he wasn’t allowed to,” Garryn looked to me them back to the children. He stormed forward, stopping in front of the boy.


“What did you do?” his voice was none too friendly. I found myself getting to my feet without meaning to. A maternal part of me hated to see the boy being spoken to like that but I knew it wasn’t my place to intrude. “Eldrin what did you do!?”


“Nothing father, he had a spell on him when he arrived. It allowed him to speak our language, it was losing its magic. I recharged it that’s all, I didn’t do anything bad, I swear” Garryn did not look impressed; he frowned at the two children.


“Go wash up for dinner. I will deal with you later Eldrin,” he warned. The children nodded and quickly left. Garryn fixed his gaze on me and it softened.


“Are you alright?” he asked and I looked at him puzzled. Maybe dark elves were truly as dangerous as Evangeline had warned me they were.


“The boy spoke the truth. I mentioned it and he offered. I did not know the children aren’t allowed to use their magic. It was my fault” I lied; he nodded, handing me a set of clothing.


“They are, except for Eldrin, he should know better.  I am sorry they bothered you. They were only meant to inform you that we would be having dinner shortly. We would love for you to join us, if you feel up to it.” he sounded sincere.


“It was no bother and thank you for everything,” the elf nodded and turned to walk from the room, he paused at the door looking back at me.


“”I am sorry about the Thoroweth, I should have warned you better,” with that he walked off. I stared after him as I unfolded the clothes and inspected them. The material felt like nothing I had even seen before, but the garments were light and for the most part I thought they would fit.  I changed quickly and made my way back down stairs. The pants were perfect like they had ben tailored for me. They weren’t too baggy or too long, which I found surprising seeing how tall most of the elves were. The shirt on the other hand pulled a little tightly across my shoulders and chest, but it covered what it should so I could not complain, though I would have preferred the neckline did not reach almost to my navel.  I waited in the foyer and a boy that looked remarkably like Eldrin only younger walked out to meet me. He looked to be only about eight but his colouring was closer to that of his sisters than of his brother. This only confirmed that it was indeed, Eldrin that his parents had been referring to. He didn’t speak only motioned me to follow, so I did. The rest of the palace was as wonderful as what I had already seen. When I walked into the dining room, I was taken aback by the spread that was set out and also the number of people attending whom I’d never met. I looked wistfully at the many different foods, I did not recognise any of them but still longed to try them. They looked delicious; they even smelled it, which was unusual for me. I was seated between Torrili and Eldrin near the head of the table. Both smiled at me friendlily and part of me wished I had not come. Though I could eat whatever was set in front of me, I would not enjoy it and the chances were it would indeed make me sick because my body could no longer process it. There was little fanfare and soon people started to help themselves, I on the other hand sat there awkwardly. Eldrin reached out and grabbed a strange looking piece of fruit from the table and sat in in front of me. I watched as he turned back to his own meal. I looked at the piece of fruit and admittedly the smell of it made my throat run dry, usually only blood did that. He looked at me seeming perplexed.


“Are you not hungry?” he asked and I looked back to him.


“I’m a vampire young one,” he shrugged.


“And I am an elf,” he said all too sweetly, I stared at him.


“I’m sorry, what?” I asked confused,


“Oh. I thought we were stating painfully obvious things for no reason,”


“Eldrin, mind your manners,” warned Torrili from next to me Eldrin rolled his eyes and turned back to his food. I looked to Torrili. She grabbed a few more items, adding them to the plate in front of me. I didn’t recognize anything.


“What Eldrin was trying to say, is that you should be able to digest these, these are what the first of your kind lived on. Most of the living fruit and carnivorous plants should be palatable for you,” she said and I stared at her.


“I do not understand,” I replied shocked, she smiled.


“These plants bleed Ryder. You can use their life force instead, they taste rather pleasant as well, it means you will not have to hunt innocents during your stay here,” I nodded in response and stared at the strange fruits. If what she said was actually true, then in the short time I’d been in this realm I would have regained normalcy in yet another aspect of my life. Despite my better judgment, something I found happening a lot lately, I picked up a piece of the strange fruit, brought it to my lips and took a bite. The taste of it wasn’t at all what I was expecting. It was sweet, almost too sweet but it also had a trace of that coppery taste I now knew so well. It was heavenly; I took another bite before I’d even finished my first. It had been so long since I had eaten anything, the thrill of it was half the pleasure. Only time would tell if it would harm me, but for right now I was content to believe I no longer had to prey on people to survive. After my initial tension subsided, I found it was easy to join in on the table’s idle chatter and that most of the elves were rather nice. They bombarded me with questions and seemed rather interested in what a stranger to their realm had to tell them. I found myself smiling and laughing, in carefree conversation for the first time in a very long time.


After dinner was over I lingered to finish talking with a few people before excusing myself to head out and get the lay of the town. If I was to actually consider staying in this realm without angering the originals, I would have to play my cards very carefully to avoid being caught. Issas wanted the one known as Veeck dead and all dark elves exiled. He wanted a civil war within the elven race, but I was yet to see a single dark elf, other than the young prince. I doubted even if I’d had the inclination, that I would have been able to turn his people against him. My body hummed with renewed energy as I walked the streets. Though the sky was dark and glittered with the same consolations I had seen night after night my entire life, the city itself was not dark. It was beautiful; the way it was lit up was a far cry from the orange glow of torch light I was used to. I thought little of what I’d been sent to do as I walked, just marvelling that a place like this could actually exist and no one but its residence actually knew it. At the time I thought I would never again see a city that held so much light of a night, though I had yet to experience the age of electricity.


“Do you need a tour guide friend?” asked Eldrin appearing at my side, I jumped not expecting there to be anyone there. I had not even heard him approach. I looked toward the elven boy. He was taller than I had realised, his head almost reaching my shoulder. The dim light made him look older than I’d first guessed, but I suspected my original estimation of his age was close.


“Do you always stalk guests?” I asked as I continued to walk, no real destination in mind.


“Always,” he flashed a small smile. I found myself smiling in return. If this is what the problem was, I couldn’t see why there was one, the boy seemed harmless to me.


“I am just wandering friend, nothing more complicated than that,” I replied and the boy fell into step with me. Though I did not mind the company, I did hope that this would not become a regular occurrence, I would never be able to complete my mission with an elven tail.


“Do you mind if I ask you something son?” I asked after a few minutes of companionable silence.

“Not at all,” he replied


“Why do the others fear you?” the question left my mouth before I could stop it, it was honestly not what I’d intended to say. I had meant to ask where he could have possibly learnt to speak English. He looked at me almost shocked then and he gave a sad, resigned smile.


“You noticed that huh?” he sounded very sad, I nodded. I had seen the way the others, elves that weren’t in his family had skittered around the boy. The looks they’d given him, the wary glances. Not even elves were as discrete as they thought they were. It was the kind of treatment I was used to, being in the profession I was, but why would people fear a boy. It had been eating at me since I’d first noticed it.


“I am used to that kind of treatment myself,”


“It’s because I’m different,” he replied simply,


“Different. How?” I asked playing dumb,


“Well, that depends on who you ask my friend. Ask my mother and the answer will be that I am gifted in the art of magic. Ask my father and he will tell you that I am the next king, I was born powerful. Though if you want the truth, you will not receive it,” We’d made it to the gates of the city, the young boy shoved his hands into his pockets. The gates opened and we stepped out. I had not planned on walking the outer walls this night but figured since I was already walking, what harm could it cause.


“And what is the truth?” I asked


“That my fate is destined to be as yours. If they do not kill me first,” he said softly. I stared at the young boy almost shocked and stopped walking. He continued for a few paces before stopping to look back at me.


“Why? Who would do that,” I asked feeling a sense of outrage course through me.


“My people. You must understand Ryder while your people do not suffer a witch to live; mine do not suffer a dark one, not any longer. Ever since my grandfather, Veeck, turned against my father. He tried to reclaim the elven throne that my father took during the uprising, my kind has been exiled, killed or worse. There has not been a dark one in the village since the uprising, and I am the first to show signs of becoming one in many, many years. People fear me because of the actions of my kind and now they do not know what to do with me. My parents would rather live in denial, as long as I do not use my magic and do not participate in my coming of age rituals, I will never fully express all the signs of being a dark one. They might let me live.”


“Veeck is your grandfather?” he nodded.


“Yes, he was exiled right along with your kind, though he was allowed to remain in our realm,” he said sadly. So the elves already had a civil war and Veeck lived. My task just became easier. I felt sorry for the young boy but there was nothing I could do to aid him. He was the victim of a cruel fate, like the rest of us and I had no power over fate. A deep growl sounded from within the tree line. I moved to stand in front of the boy. Who was more than happy for me to do so. I felt his hand on my shoulder as he hid and the two huge fully transformed werewolves emerged from the trees. I took one look at the glowing red eyes as the beasts snarled and smiled.


“It’s about time the two of you decided to show up,”

Graphic Novel of Sorts….

7 Jul

Today while bored, seeing it’s again my weekend off, i decided to do a kinda graphic novel of sorts, to go along with Ryder’s story. I’m not amazing at drawing using the computer and i’m just learning how to draw manga, but i decided since i like doing it i’m going to do it anyways. instead of doing they entire novel i decided to keep it to one a chapter because most weeks i probably won’t have time to draw one (because they take forever!) but i’ll catch up to myself eventually. I’ll be adding them to the chapter in the place they go, as well as on a page of their own. So Far i have Chapter One and Chapter Fourteen (which actually hasn’t been posted yet :s) done.

chapter one comic2 this is the first one a scen from Chapter One….. and for anyone who reads this post….

chapter fourteen comic a sneak peak at a scene from Chapter Fourteen…. Keep an eye out more to come 😀