Ryder’s story

Ryder’s Story is a spin off story to my published novel Into the Night. Based on the mysterious but lovable character Ryder Kingston. this is an on going on line novel for you all to enjoy. Written because I love writing. Ryder’s Story might contain spoilers to the Hunters’s Chronicles for which Into the Night is the first book. i will post a chapter every week until it’s finished, assuming i have time to write a whole chapter 🙂


Knight turned vampire Ryder Kingston has lived a long life. he’s saved the world, got the girl and done it all over again more times than he ever wanted to. After being turned in the fifteen hundreds Ryder has spent his life seeking revenge of the ones that turned him to no avail, that was until he met the West’s . A knight, a gun slinger, an assassin, a hunter, this is Ryder’s story.


so since it doesn’t have an official cover i photo shopped one 🙂


Ryder's story


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