Manga and Scribbles!

here are some things i have scribbled in my free time.

most are either manga attempts (i stress attempts  since i’m still learning) or tattoo designs there will probably be other things i have scribbled tossed in there as well.






This was one of the first things while learning the art of Manga. It is meant to be of Ryder (main Character to on online novel Ryder’s story, which you can find under books) and his many different love interests over the years.


Xavier Connor, Damien West and Misty West (main characters of my novel Into The Night, also found in books)



few other characters

Eldrin (all grown up), Tex Nichols, Lillian West, Luka Connor


below are little comics from various parts of Ryder’s story (check out Ryder’s story comic’s page for a better description on each)

Chapter two comic      chapter fourteen comic      chapter one comic2wild








(I think they are pretty self explanatory)


23716_10152316309860282_826901418_n                              24457_10152427656725282_275770266_n                                   537763_10152378466010282_263313495_n


SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG SAMSUNG              SAMSUNG                SAMSUNG SAMSUNG       SAMSUNG          SAMSUNG



Other Scribbles


SAMSUNG         396004_10151114529935282_1759727819_n          540961_10152378465715282_590901237_n






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