Review policy

Hey, Just a Tasmanian accept requests for reviews; acceptance is based on a case to case basis.

I review most genres and am more than happy to accept indie books for review.

Reviews will be honest, constructive but never cruel.

As I’m a writer, student, and working myself turnaround times for review will be varied, as reading and blogging is only done in my spare time.

I also offer author interviews, character interviews and am more than happy to have guest posts. If you would like any of these feel free to ask. They are always welcome


My preferred genres are: Young Adult, New Adult, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Romance, Contemporary, Dystopia, Fiction. But am willing to accept enquires about others.

Will not usually accept: non-fiction, biographies or religious fiction. As they are out of my interest range.


Contact me at justatasmanian(at)hotmail(dot)com(dot)au


Rating system

two-eyed-monster-reading-book Wasn’t my thing

two-eyed-monster-reading-book 9T4AqLbTE Has potential

two-eyed-monster-reading-book 9T4AqLbTE monster-reading-a-book Readable but needs work.

two-eyed-monster-reading-book 9T4AqLbTE monster-reading-a-book 12834ce59247a770f63fe3df3859bb7e Great! Very good read, recommended!

two-eyed-monster-reading-book 9T4AqLbTE monster-reading-a-book 12834ce59247a770f63fe3df3859bb7egreen-monster-reading-book Wow, just wow! Amazing!


Please put review request (or interview ect.) as the subject line to ensure that you are not picked up by spam. I will always try to write back to every request  in a timely manner.

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Thanks for considering Just a Tasmanian for a review 😀




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